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July 25, 2015 – Edmark Iligan celebrated its Social Day back to back with Grand Membership Drive Rally with a special contest for our dear distributors. It started with an opening prayer led by our newly promoted manager Ms. Magdalena Selim, followed by the roof shaking dance energizer led by our Edmark Iligan Staffs, Leaders and Distributors. The said event was hosted our marketing staff Ms. Cristy Jean Papin. Manager Seigfreid Aspiras was the one who discussed and lead the Grand Membership Drive Rally, it was very fun and informative as he always relates his personal experiences.Highlight of this event was the recognition of our newly promoted distributors as they are all excited accept their appreciation and to be the next role model of our distributors. Mentioned below are the newly promoted leaders of Edmark Iligan:

Senior Distributors

  • Zepress B. Flores
  • Zenith Deloso
  • Pedencia Bongcawil                                                          
  •  Regina Babano


  •  Ominsalam Langco
  •   Grace Ong
  •   Catherine Phalashol

 Asssistant Manager   

  • Melgin Traya 
  •  Aaron KeV Cortes    


  • Magdalena Selim   
  • Seigfreid Aspiras  
  • Marythess Sumampong
  •  Betty Lim



Edmark Iligan proudly recognized these people to be part of Edmark Family and they all deserved to become successful. The most exciting and awaited part of the program is the ‘Healthy and Natural Food Preparation’ contest for our dear Edmarkers. Since July is known to be the nutrition month celebration, Edmark Iligan leaders prepared a nutritious food by using Edmark products as one of the main ingredient. This contest measures the creativity of our Edmarkers here in Iligan. Five participants had participated and enjoyed the said program. During their presentation, everybody was impressed on how they made their own food recipe using edmark products.

Indeed, it was a grateful event with the guidance of our Almighty God and all Edmarkers. Thanks to all our attendees who shared their time on the said event.

Soar high Iliganons! Long Live Edmark!

EDMARK ZAMBOANGA Working Smart Seminar and the Truth about Binaries

 By:  Joharha Roxane Kali

“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things and success in business requires trainings, discipline and hard works.”

Another year of momentum happened at EDMARK ZAMBOANGA last July 25, 2015 entitled the branch’s first ever WORKING SMART SEMINAR/Truth about Binaries (TAB-OO). It was an opportunity for our beloved distributors to gain complete knowledge on the fundamentals of multi-level marketing (MLM) and how to work smart in order to fully maximize their bonuses. Embodying this was also the presentation on the truth about the binary system. This training was led by the two ever dynamic and beautiful speakers, T4 CM LIZA ABABA and T4 SCM MYRA SCHROTH.

As we started the program, we give thanks to our Almighty God, and together with the staffs, distributors and 56 participants who participated the event, we energized ourselves in order to become more lively, participative and happier on the said event.


Our very own Branch officer in charge, Mr. Donnie Vargas grabbed the opportunity to thank all the distributors and participants for having time with us in participating our Working Smart Seminar.  The ever dynamic, talented and determined Crown Manager Liza Ababa explained and presented to all our participants the fundamentals of MLM and Types of Compensation plan, for that, our participants really had the opportunity to understand the difference between MLM and a pyramiding scheme. The distributors as well was taught, guided and explained clearly and surely on how they can expand their bonuses depending on their position. CM Ababa also shared and taught all our participants on how to become smart enough on their Edmark Business.

However SCM Myra Schroth discussed and helped our participants to understand the methods of working smart. SCM Schrotch guided and shared her knowledge to our dear participants in order for them to learn and help their Edmark business to be more successful and abundant. Before she finished her lecture and presentation she shared one famous line from the famous reggae master Bob Marley, it says “The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and ability to affect those around him positively”.


CM Ababa and SCM Schroth really inspired our participants and helped them believe that believing in yourself, Edmark Business and focusing on what you are doing, nothing is impossible. They really showed our distributors that in our line of business, nothing is impossible, because here in Edmark we are all family and it’s our duty to help and guide one another. The program ended with a gratitude and compassion to each one of our participant’s hearts and minds. With the help of our Managers, Leaders and Edmark Zamboanga Staff, our WSS ended with satisfaction and motivation.


Prepared by: Ludycres N. Durango- Mktng.




Edmark Davao & Gensan seized its remarkable record breaking first ever 90 Day weight-in challenge with back to back Social Day last July 18, 2015. The said event was attended by 47 leaders and 28 visitors that indeed took inclination to the program. It started with the Christian prayer led by Junfer Miguel and Mrs. Stalina Pandita for the muslim prayer followed by our Nation Anthem sang by EM Gilbert Cagaanan. The place turned into its dynamic atmosphere as they raved and grooved by the beat of the music demonstrated by Edmark Davao staff & Gensan representatives. CM Pacita Sohl modestly delivered her welcome remarks and followed by the first part of program which was the Recognition of newly promoted Achievers. To start with the newly promoted 7 Senior Distributor followed by 1 Supervisor, along with the 3 Assistant Managers. Joyfully, they received their medals with a big smile on their faces and indeed made them inspired to do more of Edmark Business.



But before the recognition of managers, EM Gilbert Cagaanan conferred powerfully the benefits of a Ruby Manager caused the audience and leaders to be motivated. The most awaited part was the parade of newly promoted Managers. Happiness and success was gotten to their faces as they marched. To start with Manager Dulce D. Cena, & followed by two Sapphire Managers, Brenda & Renato Tocmo. Gladly, they received their medals and Managerial pins with a teary eyes as our CEO Egr. Ric Camaligan together with the Crowns CM Pacita Sohl & Jocelyn Chio acknowledged & congratulated them. Afterwards, Mr. Rex Vincent Larida one of our distributor & as well as p4 contender gave an intermission number that really touched their hearts.

The second part was the graduation of contenders. That day was the end of Davao & Gensan’s most awaited Final Day weight-in of batch 1. It was hosted by the Chief Operation Officer EM Gian Paul Dolojo from Gensan franchise. Davao has 4 participants out of 6 and Gensan has 2 out of 10 who made it to the 90th Day. The said part brought a dynamic atmosphere due to Mgr. Dulce D. Cena one of the contender who confidently discussed the effects of global & local obesity. Hereafter, EM Gian Paul Dolojo talked about the why lose to win that indeed our distributors and guests gained knowledge & bravely discussed the Diet Plan. Curiously, the guests saw Ambassador Gilbert Cagaanan walking along the aisle with the kilograms he lose.



It brought an amazement to the guests and most of all to the contenders during his deliberation of his attainments as ambassador from Iligan. Incredibly, he share the benefits, the honor and the opportunities waiting ahead for those who want to join the P4 slimming program. He was so proud as well to share his first & most outstanding experienced as one of the participants of National Convention held at Nigeria last June 2015. But before he left, he said “Every accomplishments starts with a decision to try “that indeed striped the hearts or every listener.

Henceforth, our CEO Egr. Ric Camaligan gave an inspiring and motivating message caused our leaders to be participative & most of them were excited with the good news they’ve heard about DSAP, construction of Edmark City and others.Proud and Pride were planted to their hearts in hearing those accomplishments. There were questions & concerns as well answered by our CEO that satisfied them. His special message ended with “Let’s work together with unity & reach our victory. “


The momentum was well-kept-up due to the lively performance of Ms. Honey Chill Halasan the Branch Officer In charge whom tackled the P4 Mechanics with boldness and enthusiasm in every slides presented. Surprisingly, the AVP of Davao & Gensan played and certainly brought an energetic aura. The visitors enjoyed the journey of contender and amazed how much it gave a transformation to the one who’s taking the challenge. The place revolved into its astonishing and blaring atmosphere made by our attendees due to the production number presented by Davao & Gensan P4 Contenders. Right after that, was the awarding of winners. Please see.

                       1st place – Dulce D. Cena                                                                 15kg loss        96.8%

                       2nd place ­– Rex Vincent Larida                                                           13kg loss        63.4%

                       3rd place – Lanie Tangkli – Gensan Contender                                    8kg                   57.1%

Joy & victory was seen to their faces because unexpectedly, they were one of the winners. The awarding followed by the intermission of Edmark Davao active leaders caused an entertainment to the audience and almost made others to dance with them. Ludycres N. Durango then the Marketing Assistant of Edmark Davao branch explained on how to get started along with the launching of second batch P4 slimming program. There are 11 participants who wanted to join and take the 90 day challenge.

The event ended with closing prayer given by newly promoted senior distributor Mrs. Sally Larida. Success was seen to their faces as we danced the Edmark City song with a grateful heart.

Long Live Edmark! & Feel good now!


By: Charmaine M. Jasmin

July 16, 2015 – Edmark Butuan celebrated its Social Day back-to-back with the Leadership & Team Building Camp (LTBC) Rally. It was a fun-filled and exciting day as all of our guests and fellow Edmarkers started the event with overflowing enthusiasm. The event was hosted by Ms. Charmaine Jasmin while Mrs. Jean Villasor, Edmark Butuan’s Diamond Manager discussed and invited all our Edmarkers in Butuan to join and be a part of our upcoming LTBC this coming July 30 to August 1, 2015 at Caliraya Resort, Laguna. In this segment, she also explained the Edmark Education System in which LTBC is a part of. Participants had a chance to meet all our leaders and of course, all the people behind the success of Edmark. She went on to discuss the benefits, objectives, and experiences that every participant could gain from being a part of the LTBC.


After the LTBC Rally, the recognition of our newly promoted Senior Distributors followed. The moment was dedicated to recognize the determination of everyone who have achieved a step-up in their positions. The newly awarded Senior Distributors were Ms. Glory Mae C. Astraquillo and Mr. Reynoso H. Tare. They became an inspiration for those who want to follow their lead towards success. Both of them shared their own stories of accomplishment and openly shared strategies on how to be successful.


Their stories of success motivated the other distributors present to pursue their dreams to succeed in health, wealth, and total well-being. Overall, the two events were uplifting for all our guests and participants. The event ended with a closing remark given by Ms. Elgen Quiamco and an energetic Edmark dance alongside the guests, leaders, and the Edmark Butuan team.




by: Lucyl Gatmaitan


JULY 18, 2015 – Edmark Iloilo celebrated its P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Weigh-in back-to-back with its Social Day, recognizing all the newly promoted Managers. It was a successful event as we shared and inspired our guests and distributors with the help of our leaders and Edmark Philippines’ very own President, Mr. Joey Urquia. Four newly promoted Managers were recognized at the said event. They are now the new role models and inspiration of our distributors to become part of us and join our Edmark family. The four newly promoted Managers also showed their happiness as they were recognized and showed everyone how Edmark cared for them, not only for their business but also for their health and family. The Managers were recognized by President Joey Urquia and Iloilo’s Crown Manager Juana David, assisted by our Branch Officer-in-charge. The following are Edmark Iloilo’s newly promoted Managers and Sapphire Manager:

  • Manager Mary Jane Buna
  • Manager Janice Escarmoso
  • Manager Jojo Segovia
  • Sapphire Manager Ruth Inquit

The second half of the day was the long awaited P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Weigh-in. Nine of our contestants were excited to find out if they achieved their ideal weights, or how many kilograms did they lose. Excitement and nervousness were seen on the faces of our contestants as the host called out names. After each contestant was called to the front for their final weigh-in, the President himself Mr. Joey Urquia serenaded our guests and distributors to ease the tension in the room. His voice, personality, and songs made everyone to feel comfortable in the Edmark spirit.

After tabulations, first place was awarded to Mr. Jojo Segovia lost 16.3kg, equivalent to 77.3% of his excess weight. Mr. Segovia was also awarded as The Biggest Loser for having lost the most amount of weight among all the contestants. Second place was been awarded to Mr. Alejandre Canonicato who lost 13.1kg, equivalent to 73.2% of his excess weight loss. Third place was awarded to Ms. Mary Grace Enthusisasmo who lost 6.5kg, equivalent to 52.8% of her excess weight loss.

Although the contestants did not reach their targeted weight, President Joey gave them a very inspiring piece of advice, “If you didn’t succeed on your first try, don’t lose hope. There is always a second chance and more chances to come.” It was on this note, most of the Batch 4 participants were determined to join our next batch of P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge. Courage, strength, focus, trust, and faith; these are the things that we learned from the contestants of our P4 Lose to Win program. They are not losing hope because they trust and have utmost faith in Edmark and the Almighty God.

Feel Good Now!



Slide3 Slide2 Slide1

Edmark Zamboanga Emerald Recognition And 90th Day Final Weigh-in

By: Zhannen Bria Villasis

Edmark Zamboanga held its first ever Emerald Recognition and P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Final Weigh-in (Batch 2) last July 11, 2015 at City Inn Hotel’s Function Hall. It was attended by 115 distributors and guests.

The day started on a high note as all the guests and distributors registered their names as they came in, welcomed by Ms. Vilma Dindin and Ms. Vivian Madrazo at the registration booth. We started our Emerald Recognition with both a Muslim and Christian prayer respectively. This was followed by the Philippines National Anthem and a vigorous dance energizer. Edmark Zamboanga’s Branch Officer-in-charge, Mr. Donnie Vargas welcomed and shared a motivational message with everyone. Crown Manager Lorna George discussed the Roles and Benefits of an Emerald Manager. An Audio Visual Presentation (AVP) of our newly promoted Emerald Manager was played as a tribute to her. A heartwarming song sung by her downlines touched everyone’s hearts. The awarding and pinning of the newly promoted Managers were done by our Operations Manager Mr. Jimmy Dinio and Branch Officer-in-charge Mr. Donnie Vargas.


Moving on to the most-awaited part of the event, the P4 Lose to Win Final Weigh-in (Batch 2), our P4 contestants were visibly nervous and excited to find out how much weight they have lost. Our hosts were also our contestants, Ms. Nerebeth Jumaarin and Satra Jaani. Our Operations Manager gave his special message to all the Edmarkers especially the P4 contestants. To emphasize the importance of Edmark’s P4 Lose to Win Challenge, SM Farhana Bawari, one of our P4 contestants explained the local obesity video and she elaborated that if there is a problem, there is a solution with our P4 Healthy Slimming Program. One of our P4 contestants Ms. Satra Jaani discussed ‘Why Lose to Win’ and the Diet Plan while the P4 mechanics were discussed by one of the P4 contestants, Ms. Elvinna Tanjiji and Marketing Assistant Ms. Bria Villasis. There was a short video played on the past P4 sessions to show what went on during the contestants’ activities followed by the P4 production number and the most anticipated moment of the event, the actual weigh-in.


The winners are as follows:

3rd Place                Mr. Roy Sombillon won 1 P4 Package with Php2,000 cash

2nd Place               Ms. Farhana Bawari won 2 P4 Package with Php3,000 cash

1st Place                 Ms. Nerebeth Jumaarin won 3 P4 Packages with Php6,000 cash

The announcements and good news followed after the announcement of the winners by Marketing Assistant Ms. Bria Villasis. The event ended with a prayer and everyone gathered together for a group photograph.

At the end of the day, everyone learned the importance of appreciating other people’s success, no matter how big or small. Feel Good Now!

GMDR, LTBC Rally, back-to-back with an Emerald Recognition and the P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Weigh-In

“I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.” – Michael Jordan

Edmark Cebu held a GMDR, LTBC Rally, back-to-back with an Emerald Recognition and the P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Weigh-In last July 04, 2015. It was indeed an outstanding day as all the distributors were very excited to start the program to see our beloved President Sir Joey Y. Urquia. On top of that, their willingness to learn more about the products and how to boost their Edmark business showed in their enthusiasm for the event to begin. Starting with an opening prayer led by Manager Ms. Jasmin Tajo, the dynamic speaker, Manager Mr. Pedro Panares went on to discuss the GMDR, the range of Edmark products and its benefits. Many guests and distributors were impressed on the effectiveness of the products while others testified on how Edmark products changed their lives. The LTBC Rally was held after the GMDR, presented by our beloved President Sir Joey Y. Urquia. He invited our dear Edmarkers in Cebu to come and join the LTBC this coming July 30 to August 1, 2015 at Caliraya Resort Club in Laguna. He went on to serenade our guests and distributors. Everyone was amazed at the singing performance and the way he shows his love to fellow Edmarkers here in Cebu.


After the LTBC Rally, the Emerald Recognition followed. There were three newly promoted Emerald Managers who were recognized. Welcoming remarks were given by Ruby Manager Ramel Cabahug, where he acknowledged all the Edmarkers who are present, from Distributors up to Crown Managers. Followed by the discussion of Roles and Benefits of an Emerald Manager led by SCM Ms. Juanita Martinez. Finally, Ms. Miguela L. Flores was recognized as our newly promoted Emerald Manager, followed by the powerful Edmark couple, Mr. Melvin Cabahug and Ms. Lalaine Cabahug. They were welcomed and acknowledged by very own President Sir Joey Y. Urquia, Edmark Cebu Branch Officer-in-charge, Ms. Mirasol Dianon, and Senior Crown Manager Ms. Juanita Martinez. Everyone recognized were deserving by their own diligence and perseverance in doing Edmark business.


As the highlight of this event, the P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Weigh-In begun. President Joey shared an inspirational message, not only to our contestants but also to all our guests. He also inspired the guests to join our P4 Lose to Win Challenge Batch 3. This was followed by a P4 testimony given by Emerald Manager Ms. Miguela L. Flores and video presentation of the P4 contestants’ activities in the past 90 days. Smiles and laughter filled the hall as the video played. ‘Why Lose to Win’ was discussed by EM Mr. Melvin Cabahug while the P4 mechanics were discussed by Marketing Eagle Mr. Michael Angelo Robles. After the discussion, the P4 contestants, together with the staff of Edmark Cebu led a powerful dance production number. Then, the most awaited moment finally arrived, the final weigh-in of our contestants. Out of 10 contestants, 8 contenders made it to the final day. After the tabulation, 3rd place was awarded to Ms. Ester Busalla, while 2nd place and the Biggest Loser  was awarded to Ms. Monina Estrera. and for 1st place went to Mr. Melvin Cabahug. Everyone were happy and grateful. The event ended with the closing remarks and announcements of good news by Ms. Mirasol Dianon. The program was successfully held with the participation of our beloved Edmarkers and the blessings of our all mighty God.



By: Emilyn Blas

Another successful P4 Lose to Win 90th Day Final Weigh-In and Social Day Recognition was held at Edmark Cubao last June 27, 2015 which was attended by over 85 distributors and guests.

The two-part event started at exactly 2pm with an opening Christian and Muslim prayer. One of the P4 contestants, Ms. Cyrel Alinsub, was the energetic host of the P4 Lose to Win program. Edmark Phils., Inc., President Mr. Joey Urquia warmly welcomed everyone who graced with the event. CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan presented the global obesity video and delivered special message.

After 90 days of fighting against obesity and aiming to achieve the P4 ambassador title, 10 out of 16 contenders made it until the last weigh-in. 3rd Place went to Ms. Cyrel Alinsub who lost 10.1 kg (94.4%) and received 1 P4 Package and P3,000.00 cash. 2nd Place went to Ms. Adora Mattsson who lost 13 kg (97%) and received 2 P4 Package and P6,000.00 cash. 1st Place and P4 Ambassadress was awarded to Ms. Grace Amparo who travelled all the way to Manila from Nueva Ecija, lost 12.9kg (107.5%) and received her reward of 3 P4 Package and P10,000.00 cash. Special award of Biggest Loser went to Mr. Armando Cabuga who lost 16.9kg (92.9%) and received 1 P4 Package.


After the final weigh-in, 9 hopeful and competitive Edmarkers registered to join the next batch of P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge.

Second part of the program was the Social Day Recognition wherein Edmark recognized all the efforts and passion of every Senior Distributors to Ruby Managers. On that day, we were able to acknowledged 3 Senior Distributors, 2 Supervisors and 2 Assistant Managers. DM John Acero discussed the Roles and Benefits of a Ruby Manager. 10 Managers were recognized and 2 Sapphire Managers namely: Mr. and Mrs. Anita and Riden Ropal, and Ms. Feliciana Sabat.



The event came to a successful end with a closing remarks and closing prayer by Operations Manager Mr. Jaime Dinio.




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Newly Promoted Crown Manager

May 2015