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By:Angel Sanchez

“Don’t be Afraid to change. You might lose something good, but you’ll gain something better.”

In God’s grace, the most awaited day finally arrived, Edmark’s P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge Final Weigh-In last December 06, 2014. Excitement filled the air as the final battle of our 20 contestants took place in anticipation for the crowning of the next P4 ambassador of Edmark Cubao, Philippines.

The event started with a solemn Christian and Muslim prayer led by a P4 contestant followed by the Philippines national anthem. The energy of everyone present peaked when the P4 contestants led and showcased an energetic dance energizer. HR Manager, Ms. Careen San Juan warmly welcomed all the attendees, especially the guests who came to witness the final weigh-in.

Slide1Edmark Philippines CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan gave a special message, making the attendees understand the new “cheese” of Edmark, the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge as well as the P4 Lose to Win program as a whole. The video on obesity was explained by Ms. Gloria Sta. Rosa while the Diet Plan was presented by Ms. Corzalina Mercado. ‘Why Lose to Win’ was discussed by our newly promoted Crown Manager Mr. Armand Pajota. Thereafter, the mechanics of the contest was presented by Marketing Eagle, Ms. Zenneth Banbal.

All the contestants showed their dazzling dance moves in their production number with male and female boxer in their sexy sports attire and the attendees joined altogether. A few minutes after was the most awaited part in the event, their Final Weigh-In.

Slide2Everyone was filled with anticipation and excitement for the results of the weigh-in. After the tabulations, the 3rd Place went to DM John Acero who received ₱3,000 cash and a P4 package. The 2nd place was awarded to CM Salvador Nomo who received ₱6,000 cash and two P4 packages. Finally, the 1st place, also our newest P4 ambassadress of Edmark Philippines was awarded to MGR Jesusa Demdem who received ₱10,000 cash and three P4 packages. In her words, “Follow the diet plan and the P4 program religiously combined with consistent exercise and you will definitely hit your ideal weight.” The Biggest Loser award went to Mr. Arturo Cordero, receiving ₱1,000 cash and a P4 package.

Everyone was inspired as they witnessed the transformation of the winners. All the other contestants received a box of Ginseng Coffee as a token of participation in the contest.

During the event, we encouraged the distributors and guests who were still overweight to join us in the P4 Lose to Win Challenge (Batch 3). A total of 11 contenders signed up, taking on the challenge.

Closing remarks were presented by our Finance Manager, Ms. Jocelyn Flojo as she congratulated all the winners and participants.

This event was certainly one full of joy and inspiration. The event came to an end with a closing prayer followed by the Edmark dance.

Feel Good Now!


slide 3Slide1



By: Vielka Louise C. Villamon

Last November 23, 2014 Edmark Cebu held its P4 Lose to Win Grand Launching back to back with Edmark Cebu’s 12 years of excellence in the industry. The first part of the program was the Grand Membership Drive Rally led by the dynamic speaker, Mr. Pedro U. Pañares. As a practice, the program started with an opening prayer followed by a dance energizer headed by the Marketing Eagles. During the Grand MDR, product tasting, product testimonies and income testimonies for both local and international were presented by several distributors.


The second part of the program followed with the most awaited part of the event, the launching of the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge. Another zestful dance energizer was conducted by the marketing eagles, bringing the audiences to life. A warm welcome of the guests, distributors and staffs was extended by the Marketing Manager, Ms. Odessa E. Capatoy. A special message was delivered by the Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Ric D. Camaligan. During his speech, he highlighted the reason why the company decided to organize these programs. He went on to point out the upcoming opportunities and good news that Edmark has to offer.

After his speech, an inspiring testimony was given by Mr. Gilbert Cagaanan, the P4 Ambassador of Iligan City who lost 12.50 kg in three months, making the contestants more eager and determined to become healthy. Mr. Cagaanan also explained ‘Why Lose to Win’. The P4 Lose to Win diet plan was presented by marketing staff, Ms. Antonette Ramos while the mechanics of the contest was presented by Ms. Vielka Louise. Staffs and P4 contestants heated up the function hall with a production number to the delight of the audience. The initial weigh-in of the 20 contestants followed.



The final part of the program was the anniversary celebration. Staffs and top leaders of Cebu and various branches joined the CEO in the cake slicing and toasting of wine as a commemoration of the 12 successful years of Edmark Cebu. The program drew to a close with a closing prayer by Pastor Joey Eguia and the final the Edmark dance. The event was a successful one graced with the presence of 130 participants.










By: Zenneth  Bandal

Health is a condition of a sound body, mind and spirit.   It also includes a disease-free life without physical pain. In short, it is an overall feeling of wellness of an individual. Health is a very important part of our life, for without which we are not able to perform on our optimal level.

There must be a comprehensive understanding of health. Every normal person needs to know how to take good care of their ‘SELF’ respectively. This responsibility also extends to the families, societies and countries around the world. With the mission of helping people succeed in health, wealth and total well-being, Edmark knows how important our health is in every aspect of our lives.



The Grand Membership Drive Rally held in the headquarters, Cubao last November 28, 2014 educated the audience about the present health conditions of an individual, especially with the current exposure to modern day challenges due to modernization and its effects on everyone’s lives. Our speaker for the event was our outstanding Senior Crown Manager Rolly Marqueses who discussed the modules comprehensively with fervor. On top of explaining the modules, he went on to share his personal experiences in consuming the Edmark products. In addition, he also shared his humble beginnings in the Edmark business and inspired everyone by sharing some of his attainments. Everyone was moved to be more mindful about their health and was convinced on the effectiveness and benefits of our products.



On top of that, everyone were inspired and motivated to do the Edmark business seeing that Edmark is not just helping people achieve a healthy life, but also a wealthy life. Many were attracted by the opportunity Edmark gives and offers to those who are open and willing to be part of the Edmark. The audience was delighted with the educational aspects of the seminar with the advantage of engaging in the growing business of Edmark. The event came to a productive close with newly signed up distributors who desire a better opportunity and financial freedom in their lives. Feel Good Now!


By: Arlyn Rivera

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John C. Maxwell

The Mentoring Leadership Training/Train the trainer (MLT/TNT) took place in Edmark Cubao last November 27, 2014. It was all about how to develop one’s Edmark business. The seminar was attended by 46 supportive and very active leaders of Edmark. The whole seminar was filled with motivation, inspiration and education from our high caliber speakers, namely SCM Rolly Marqueses and our franchise owner from Dasmarinas, CM Lemuel Cena. Ms. Lj Mauricio, our Store Operations Manager welcomed all the attendees and took the opportunity to give thanks to our very active and supportive leaders wholeheartedly for their endless support, and of course, to our great speakers.


The first speaker, SCM Rolly Marqueses tackled the first part of MLT Session 1 and 2 which was ‘Developing your Edmark Business Team’ and ‘Understanding the EES/Key Drivers to your Success’. He discussed it well as he shared how he started the Edmark business. In his words, “To be able to play a game, you need to gain knowledge.” Following that, the audience formed small groups to share and motivate each other on how they started in the Edmark business.


CM Lemuel Cena discussed the MLT Session 3 and 4 which was the ‘Mentoring Support Program’ and ‘The Weekly Tactical Meeting’. Following the second part of the training is the Train the Trainer (TNT) where audiences received another dose of motivation and inspiration from our energetic speaker, CM Lemuel Cena. He discussed the first module of TNT Session 1 and 2, ‘Understanding the Network’ and ‘Selling’. He shared his story about how he groomed and expanded his Edmark business with his mother cum mentor, CM Bridget Cena

Slide3The last chapter tackled by SCM Rolly Marqueses was TNT Session 3 and 4, ‘Mastering Motivation’ and ‘Mastering Mentoring’. He shared his experiences and techniques on how he expanded his Edmark business. This was followed by Ms. Anita Ropal’s testimony. She expressed that she felt very blessed for having been given the chance to hear all the experiences of our speakers. The day came to a close filled with knowledge and inspiration.

Feel Good Now!


IloIlo Xmas Party

Edmark Cagayan de Oro Big Events for the month of December


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By: Jennette Permejo

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

  Tom Landry

Another remarkable event happened here at Edmark Alabang as we held our Goals Setting Seminar last November 22, 2014. The event started with an opening prayer led by Ms. Adelaida Aban, followed by a ground-breaking dance energizer.



Excitement was visible among the audience as the seminar kicked off with one of the dynamic speakers, CM Lemuel Cena. He emphasized that being proactive is one of the keys to being successful in life. The attendees were impressed as he comprehensively discussed the modules with enthusiasm.


One of the most anticipated parts of the event was when DCM Anafo Trinidad took the floor. All the participants were thrilled as he powerfully imparted his own personal experiences and techniques on ‘How to Get What We Really Want’. He continued his discussion with the last part of the modules, ‘Power of Dream Building’. He empowered the attendees on how to visualize their goals and dreams, making them understand that it really depends on us, how we are going to see things.

Slide1Hand in hand, these two powerful speakers conducted the whole seminar. It was an enjoyable and inspiring event which touched the hearts of the attendees. By the end of the seminar, everyone was goal-oriented and ready to achieve their dreams.

EDMARK ILOILO P4 Lose To Win 60th Day Weigh-in: The Power of Losing Weight

After a successful P4 Lose to Win 30th day weigh-in (Batch 1), Edmark Iloilo held its P4 Lose to Win 60th day weigh-in (Batch 2) last November 22, 2014, attended by leaders and distributors coming from various towns of Iloilo. The event would not have been complete without the participation of 16 P4 participants who begun this journey, eager to lose their excess weight.

P4 contestants took the floor first to lead the zestful dance energizer. Ms. Mary Joy Carton welcomed all the leaders and distributors, thanking them for their time and presence despite their busy schedule. Customer Relations Manager, Lavidz Chua delivered a special message and announced good news to all Ilonggos Edmarkers.

1 EA video on obesity was discussed by CM Juana David, one of the P4 contestants. She pointed out that it is not only internationally, but also in Philippines where millions of people are obese, which renders the market for Edmark bigger than just locally. Overweight people are prone to diseases such as cardio vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Statistically, more overweight people die every year compared to underweight.

She also discussed ‘Why Lose to Win’, the reasons behind why we host the P4 Lose to Win 90 days challenge as well as the P4 testimonies, both locally and internationally.

To the understanding of everyone, our very own Ms. Antonette Ramos discussed the Diet Plan while Ms. Ruth Inquit discussed the Mechanics of the Contest.

Aside from the official weigh-in, the production number by P4 contestants added spice to the event.
2The official weigh-in and interviews of P4 contestants came to an end with many lessons to learn. The event closed with a closing remark by Mr. Hanzel Gomez who thanked everyone for their presence and support in Edmark Iloilo’s event.

Meanwhile, the greatest challenge for P4 contestants has yet to come; to reach their ideal and healthy weight.