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Edmark Zamboanga’s Big Event for the Month of February



By:Trisha Ann Dimayuga

Edmark Cubao held its Goals Setting Seminar last January 22, 2015, attended by 108 distributors whose hearts and minds were eager for the day’s training and learning. It started with the entrance of speakers and participants who were surprised with a dance introduction by our Marketing Eagles, followed by a vivacious dance energizer. To bless the event, a Christian prayer was led by Pastor Simeon Sierra. An uplifting welcome remark was given by Operations Manager, Jaime Dinio who pumped up the excitement among the attendees.


The first module, ‘EDMARK University of Success’ and the third module, ‘How to become a Highly Effective and Strong Individual’ was presented by CM Myra Schroth. In the first module, she talked about the system of education in other schools and universities. She emphasized how costly it is to finish a degree, only to come out to work and get underpaid by companies. In the third module, she shared some of her life experiences. She instilled persistence in the minds of the attendees that they should continue to dreaming. In her words, “Keep on dreaming. If you stop dreaming, you stop living, and when you stop living, you stop loving.”

Slide2The second module, ‘How to become a Highly Effective and Independent Individual/ Distributor’ was tackled by CM Mark Lemuel Cena. He laid emphasis on how training will change the way people think and do things in life. He accentuated that Edmarkers must always practice the three habits of a highly effective and independent individual in order to achieve success, not only in the business but also in life. He left the attendees by sharing his thoughts with this quote, “Have the initiative to do the right things. Proactive-ness means you have the sense of responsibility.”

Slide3CM Mark Lemuel Cena was supposed to be the speaker of the fifth module, ‘The Importance of Tools’ but instead, offered the limelight to his mother, CM Bridget Cena. She shared on her early years in EDMARK and how these tools helped made her a Crown Manager. In her words, she emphasized that, “Tools are not an option. These things are important. I became a Crown Manager because of these tools, especially the well-known EDMARK Flip Chart.” She also imparted wisdom on life and the business as a whole.


The sixth module, ‘The Importance of Seminars and Functions’ was discussed by Edmark Philippines’ President Jose Urquia. He divulged that those people who became victorious doing their EDMARK business are the ones who engaged with the system, frequently participating in our daily as well as major events. Full of pride, he presented all the major events of EDMARK and how EDMARK transformed his life. He left the stage saying, “People who put effort and time in their business are the ones who succeed.”


A powerful seventh module, ‘Self-Talk Autosuggestion’ was fired up by our outstanding T4 Master Trainer SCM Rolando Marqueses. Before he started, he shared on how this module has touched his heart and his life. Most of the attendees got emotional as the module went on. This module truly lifted the spirits of the participants. In his own words, he described how to attract success in life by saying, “Begin with the end in mind. Don’t muddle up work with play. You just have to believe in yourself. It’s all about faith.”           

Slide6    The fourth module, ‘How to get what you really want’ and the eighth module, ‘The Power of Dream Building’ were discussed by the first Double Crown Manager of EDMARK, Pastor Anafo Trinidad. It was a truly profound moment for all participants who attended the event. Pastor Knaff revealed his stories on how he started this business, how he began dreaming and how he prepared himself for success. He also shared on how Chairman Sam Low motivated him to change the way he lived his life. In our Chairman’s words he said, “Pastor Knaff, if you are not satisfied on what you have now, create another one.” He also emphasized that the reason he achieved success was because he had made God the center of his life. In his words, “When you focus on your problem, the problem gets bigger and God gets smaller. But when you focus on God, He becomes bigger than your problem.”



Double Crown Manager Absalon Gader shared his journey towards the top. He expressed his gratitude to the people who guided him towards achieving victory. He said, “Miracles happen every day.” The two other distributors who gave their testimonial about their experiences were Mr. Xevior Almesia who became emotional because of his personal anguishes and how this seminar made him gain self-reliance once more, and Ms. Queenie Segoria who shared on how powerful this seminar is.

To close the seminar, President Jose Urquia expressed his gratitude to those who attended the seminar. He shared about how happy he was to see people uplifted by the power of these wonderful speakers. The seminar wound up with a closing prayer by one of our distributors. As the day finally ended, we know that we have inspired people to be successful, not only in EDMARK but also in their mission in life.







Edmark Zamboanga’s Big Event for the month of January



By: Triscia Ann Dimayuga

Words are insufficient to describe the Christmas celebrations of the Filipinos. There are Simbang Gabi, Puto bumbong, Bibingka, Castanyas, Monito Monita, Aguinaldo from godfathers and godmothers, and a festive Noche Buena. Paskong Pinoy really brings out the happiness of the world when our Saviour was born. EDMARK Cubao’s Distributors’ Christmas Party was themed Paskong Pinoy to celebrate the Birth of Jesus. The first part of the celebration was the Grand Membership Drive Rally. The exceptional speaker, Ruby Manager Xyris Beatingo explained the topics with specific examples to facilitate the understanding of all guests. In his words, “In Edmark, you will feel the difference because we have a culture.” As the seminar went on, the guests started to realize the benefits of Edmark products and its advantages in the weight loss business. Crown Manager Myra Schroth and Diamond Manager John Acero inspired the attendees to join the business and savour a good opportunity and a healthy body. The seminar allowed them to deduce that health and wealth will give them the freedom of enjoying life towards happiness.

Slide1After the seminar, everyone prepared for the much-awaited celebration of the year where everyone rejoiced in the festive spirit. The program started with a solemn doxology from one of the Marketing Eagles followed by another peppy dance energizer performed by our outstanding Marketing Eagles, steering up the energy levels of the attendees. The hosts brought the house down when they took the stage as the audience applauded and cheered. Our dear Crown Manager Lemuel Cena welcomed everyone in the event and the program formally started with the performances of the participating groups in the Pinoy Caroling Presentation. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the cheerful melody and inspiring stories behind each group presentation and further delighted to see the beautiful and handsome faces of the ‘Faces of Pinoy Christmas’ contest. The audience had their own favourite participants and cheered them on. A first-rate special intermission number was performed by EM Gilbert Cagaanan, our P4 Ambassador all the way from Iligan. Everyone was thrilled to give and receive gifts in our Exchange of Gifts segment. This was followed by the presentation of exceptional talents in ‘Bet ng Edmark’. The attendees were thoroughly thrilled as each participant showcased their talent on stage. The crowd was excited and eager to know the winners of each contest. An inspirational message was given by Edmark Philippines’ Chief Executive Officer Engr. Ric Camaligan, sharing good news of our company for the coming year followed by the serving of sumptuous food for all to share. There was also a raffle draw for the distributors as prizes was presented by our dear Top Leaders

Slide3The announcement of winners was headed by CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan and President Jose Urquia. The winners were Mngr. Tania Kumar and CM Edgar Magbanua for the ‘Faces of Pinoy Christmas’. CM Armand Pajota nailed the competition and had a landslide victory in the ‘Parol and Belen Making Contest’. The Grand Champion of Pinoy Caroling Contest was the Crown Chorale Group comprising of CM Michael Gader, CM Irene Lumbo, CM Natalia Lorenzo, DM John Acero, RM Rudy Velasco, Distributor Anita Ropal and his husband. Before the program ended, the crowd sang along with the beautiful voice of our President, Mr. Jose Y. Urquia who concurrently launched his first solo album. The Coffee Song was sung by everyone in the hall commencing a singing session with our dear President. The spirit of Christmas truly shared feelings of happiness and contentment among everyone present. As the program came to an end with distributors leaving the venue, we knew that we have given a one of a kind Christmas celebration that will linger in their hearts and mind for a long time coming.





By:Jennette Permejo

It was a remarkable day for every Edmarker in Alabang as we celebrated the Christmas season last December 19, 2014. The event started with an opening prayer led by DM John Acero, followed by a ground-shaking dance energizer. A Grand Membership Drive Rally (GMDR) took place in the morning after which was followed by the Christmas Party. The first part of the event was the Caroling Presentation. Four groups participated in the contest. We hosted many fun and exciting games to the delight of everyone present.



The audience was entertained with a powerful dance number by the distributors. A parade of candidates for the best costume followed. Ms. Ma. Luz Castillo emerged as the winner for the award for the best costume. The announcement of winners for the caroling contest was done by DM John Acero. The 3rd prize went to the group of SM Pernee Alviar, 2nd prize to the group of Ms. Nenita Templonuevo and the 1st prize to the group of SM Fe Metillo. For the Parol-Making Contest, the 3rd prize went to Ms. Annalyn Duarte, 2nd prize to Ms. Adelaida Aban and the grand prize to Ms. Diciniza Sumanga. They were delighted to receive their prizes. Finally, the exchange of gifts took place followed by the dinner. All in all, the event was festive and enjoyable as everyone tremendously enjoyed the party.



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Edmark Cebu’s P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in & Distributors’ Christmas Party

by: Vielka Louise Villamon

Last December 20, 2014, Edmark Cebu held its Grand Membership Drive Rally, P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-In and Distributors Christmas Party with a theme ‘Paskong Pinoy 2014’ at the Elegant Circle Inn Cebu City. The program started with the Grand Membership Drive Rally led by Sapphire Manager Melvin B. Cabahug. During his discussion, he elaborated on how much our lifestyles and eating habits affects our health. There were 25 first timers who were present at the event while some guests were given free product tasting during the GMDR. A product testimony was presented by Ms. Jasmin Tajo and Carmelita Bihag who is one of the P4 contestants. This was followed by an income testimony by Ruby Manager Reynaldo Berbesada who shared on how he started with Edmark and how Edmark helped him in both his finances and health.

Grand MDR

Grand MDR

After the GMDR, the 30th Day weigh-in followed. Out of 20 contestants, 12 were present during the weigh-in. After the tabulations, three contenders achieved the weight loss percentage of above 15% of their excess weight to qualify for tokens. They were Carmelita Bihag: 17.4 %, Corlito Cabunilas: 15.7% and Miguela Flores: 18.6%

The other contenders were ever more determined to do better and exert extra effort to attain their 15% excess weight loss or more during the 60th day weigh-in.

30th Day Weigh-in

30th Day Weigh-in

The highlight of the day’s event was the Distributors’ Christmas Party. A group dance contest and a solo singing contest were held. There were four groups in the dance contest with the top three declared as winners. Third place was Team Tawason while second place was D’girlfriends group. The P4 Dancers group bagged the first place. The exchanging of gifts followed as distributors were fulfilled in the enjoyment of the program as they expressed their eagerness of looking forward to the next Christmas party. The event came to an end with a solemn closing prayer by Ms. Carmelita Basilisco.

dist christmas party

dist christmas party


By:Angel Sanchez

“Don’t be Afraid to change. You might lose something good, but you’ll gain something better.”

In God’s grace, the most awaited day finally arrived, Edmark’s P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge Final Weigh-In last December 06, 2014. Excitement filled the air as the final battle of our 20 contestants took place in anticipation for the crowning of the next P4 ambassador of Edmark Cubao, Philippines.

The event started with a solemn Christian and Muslim prayer led by a P4 contestant followed by the Philippines national anthem. The energy of everyone present peaked when the P4 contestants led and showcased an energetic dance energizer. HR Manager, Ms. Careen San Juan warmly welcomed all the attendees, especially the guests who came to witness the final weigh-in.

Slide1Edmark Philippines CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan gave a special message, making the attendees understand the new “cheese” of Edmark, the P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge as well as the P4 Lose to Win program as a whole. The video on obesity was explained by Ms. Gloria Sta. Rosa while the Diet Plan was presented by Ms. Corzalina Mercado. ‘Why Lose to Win’ was discussed by our newly promoted Crown Manager Mr. Armand Pajota. Thereafter, the mechanics of the contest was presented by Marketing Eagle, Ms. Zenneth Banbal.

All the contestants showed their dazzling dance moves in their production number with male and female boxer in their sexy sports attire and the attendees joined altogether. A few minutes after was the most awaited part in the event, their Final Weigh-In.

Slide2Everyone was filled with anticipation and excitement for the results of the weigh-in. After the tabulations, the 3rd Place went to DM John Acero who received ₱3,000 cash and a P4 package. The 2nd place was awarded to CM Salvador Nomo who received ₱6,000 cash and two P4 packages. Finally, the 1st place, also our newest P4 ambassadress of Edmark Philippines was awarded to MGR Jesusa Demdem who received ₱10,000 cash and three P4 packages. In her words, “Follow the diet plan and the P4 program religiously combined with consistent exercise and you will definitely hit your ideal weight.” The Biggest Loser award went to Mr. Arturo Cordero, receiving ₱1,000 cash and a P4 package.

Everyone was inspired as they witnessed the transformation of the winners. All the other contestants received a box of Ginseng Coffee as a token of participation in the contest.

During the event, we encouraged the distributors and guests who were still overweight to join us in the P4 Lose to Win Challenge (Batch 3). A total of 11 contenders signed up, taking on the challenge.

Closing remarks were presented by our Finance Manager, Ms. Jocelyn Flojo as she congratulated all the winners and participants.

This event was certainly one full of joy and inspiration. The event came to an end with a closing prayer followed by the Edmark dance.

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