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By: Lady Gutierrez

An unforgettable Social Day was celebrated last November 8, 2014, back to back with the thrilling P4 Lose to Win 60th Day Weigh-in. The first part of the event was held recognize all newly promoted Senior Distributors to Ruby Managers. Edmarkers and guests were present in support and celebration of the exciting day.

Slide2The newly promoted Edmarkers were presented with certificates in recognition of all their hard work and perseverance bringing them to the height of their success. For the newly promoted Managers to Ruby Managers, a pin was presented on top of their certificates. Diamond Manager, Caress Estaras shared some words of encouragement, inviting the newly promoted Edmarkers to continually climb up the ladder. She shared the roles and benefits of a Ruby Manager to further empower them as special awards were given.

The Most Outstanding Manager was awarded to Ms. Rossini Miguel Cruz while the Most Outstanding Sapphire Manager was presented to Ms. Marilou Sabido. Everyone was inspired by the respective speeches shared.



The second part of the event started with the Global Obesity Video introduced by Mr. Anthony Yrenaya. This was followed by a special message from our outstanding Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Lynden Valdez. She encouraged everyone present to maintain their health with the use of Edmark products. She showed the Philippine Obesity Video to raise awareness on the growing epidemic in our environment, be it global or locally. The Marketing Eagles discussed the Diet Plan that everyone may follow in order to be healthy and slim, followed by the Mechanics of P4 Lose to Win and the P4 Testimonies from around the globe, showcasing the effectiveness of Edmark’s P4 products


Lightening the atmosphere of the hall, the Marketing Eagles performed an intermission number to the delight of everyone.

Last but not least, Operations Manager, Mr. Jimmy Dinio took the stage to thank everyone for gracing the occasion with their presence and effort in supporting their friends in the day’s event, both in the P4 Lose to Win and the Social Day.

It was a fun-filled and unforgettable day for us all!



Grand Opening


Good News Anniv Davao - Crown Rec


Good News Anniv Cebu P4 Anniv




by: Jessica Teresa Jarabelo

It was a memorable day last October 25, 2014 at Edmark Cubao as we celebrated the Emerald Recognition cum Halloween Costume Party with over 70 attendees. The event started at 2:00 pm with an opening prayer followed by the Philippines national anthem. The host of the event, Mr. Anthony Yrenaya introduced Ms. Emily Blas who warmly welcomed all attendees and participants of our Halloween Costume contest. Following that, the parade of the Emerald Managers took place. The new Emerald Managers, Ms. Alejandra Deloso, Ms. Claudia Guingon and Ms. Yolanda Pabonita walked the red carpet escorted by our marketing eagles. They presented a groovy dance number, bringing out the dancing shoes of everyone present.


The Halloween Costume Parade took place with participants parading their respective costumes, evaluated by three judges, among them, DCM Reverend Dory Tubesa. Following that, the Roles and Benefits of an Emerald Manager was discussed by CM Natalia Lorenzo. She encouraged everyone, especially those not yet in a managerial position, to aim high and work hard towards their personal successes in Edmark. Thereafter, the introduction of the new Emerald Managers begun with videos outlining their individual journeys in Edmark as they gave heartfelt speeches when they took the stage. Certificates of recognition, bouquets of flowers and special gifts were presented right after, followed by a serenade by one of our marketing eagles. The Most Outstanding Emerald Manager award went to Ms. Alejandra V. Deloso for having the highest sales in the month of December 2013 to August 2014 on top of her active EES involvement and leadership in Edmark. A special message was presented by DCM Rev. Dory Tubesa as he congratulated the newly promoted Emerald Managers and reminded them not to be complaisant, but rather, to aim higher for further successes and achievements.


The winners of the Halloween Costume Contest were announced by Mr. Anthony Yrenaya as three creatively dressed winners received special prizes. The closing remarks was given by Operation Manager, Mr. Jimmy Dinio who congratulated the newly promoted Emerald Managers and thanked everyone for their participation in the day’s event. The program came to an end with a closing prayer and the Edmark City dance.


EDMARK HQ CUBAO held its Working Smart Seminar and Truth About Binaries

The outpouring success of “Working Smart Seminar” and “Truth About Binaries” last October 23, 2014 reflected the eagerness of Edmarkers in grabbing every opportunity that knocks on their door. The seminar was attended by close to 70 distributors and guests. It started off with a powerful prayer led by Marketing Eagle, Ms. Zen Bandal, followed by the dance energizer. Operations Manager, Mr. Jimmy Dinio took the stage to warmly welcome everyone to the event. Undoubtly, an outstanding event is incomplete without outstanding speakers. Edmark takes pride in training and grooming eloquent and articulate speakers. The “Working Smart Seminar” and “Truth About Binaries” were privileged to have Diamond Manager Mr. Armand Pajota, Diamond Manager Ms. Caress Estaras and Crown Manager Ms. Myra Schroth as speakers of the day.

wssThe first and second modules, ‘Fundamentals of MLM and the Road Ahead’ and ‘Types of Compensation Plans’ were discussed by Diamond Manager Mr. Armand Pajota. He discussed all the myths behind MLM, the different types of compensation plans in the industry today and how we should be smart in choosing the right compensation plan. He also shared on why Edmark’s compensation plan is beneficial and unique in its own way.

EDITED - 30.3 Ronnel Cubao - DM Armand Pajota - Image

Crown Myra Schroth took on the third and fourth module, ‘Discoveries and The Road Ahead’ and ‘Where to Go and What to Do’. It covered topics on how to identify our strength and weakness, and most importantly, how to maximize one’s income in Edmark. CM Myra shared a key success factor, in always knowing where you are first before knowing where you want to go.

EDITED - 30.3 Ronnel Cubao - CM Myra Schroth - ImageBefore the commencement of the ‘Truth About Binaries’, Double Crown Manager Reverend Father Dory Tubesa took the stage with an inspiring message. He shared his journey on how he became one of the fastest climbing Double Crown Manager – it began in 1996 when he prayed of having the means to help other people succeed in life. 13 years later, in 2009, he joined Edmark. The business was the answer to his prayer. Today, the Edmark business has enabled him to wholeheartedly help people, especially the poor. Having been inspired by the message of DCM Reverend Father Dory Tubesa, the seminar continued with the ‘Truth About Binaries’. Diamond Manager Ms. Caress Estaras started by discussing Chapter 1, 2 and 3, ‘Introduction’, ‘What They Will Tell You’ and ‘What They Will Not Tell You’. It covered the history of binaries and what is disclosed and undisclosed by the other companies using binary.

EDITED - 30.3 Ronnel Cubao - DM Caress Estaras - Image

For the final part of the TAB, Chapter 4, ‘What the Professionals Will Tell You’ was presented by Diamond Manager Mr. Armand Pajota. He shared a saying by Bob Marley, “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” Before the curtain call, a member of the audience shared his experience of joining Edmark. Mr. Ruel Garcia, a friend of CM Myra Schroth was an overseas Filipino worker for 20 years with a wish of living in the Philippines for good. He was thinking of a good business to start with and fortunately found Edmark. He also shared his experiences in using Edmark products as he wanted to consume it himself first, before looking for potential customers. The educational day ended with wide smiles and satisfaction as essential knowledge was imparted to all participants, equipping them with the skills required to achieve further successes.




Announcement of Big Events For The Month Of November 2014

crown councildm caress60th Daymlt

P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-In: Don’t Lose Faith, Lose Weight

“A fit, healthy body is the best fashion statement.” -Jess C. Scott

Following the outstanding successes in the first batch of EDMARK’S P4 Lose to Win program, a great opportunity came around once again. Edmark HQ Cubao held its 30th Day Weigh-In with over 90 distributors and 25 guests from all around Philippines. The program was participated by 38 enthusiastic contestants, exceeding the first batch of 22 contestants. The event started promptly at 2pm with a prayer led by DM Mr. John Acero, followed by a dance energizer from Marketing Eagles with the P4 contestants. Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Lynden C. Valdez took the stage to warmly welcome all attendees present. Everyone were inspired and motivated as Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Ric Camaligan delivered his special message.

C.M.O. Ms. Lynden Valdez

Ms. Lynden Valdez

C.E.O. Engr. Ric Camaligan

Engr. Ric Camaligan

Dance Energizer

Dance Energizer














The video on obesity was deliberated by Ms. Angel Sanchez while ‘Why Lose to Win’ was discussed by Ms. Jessica Teresa Jarabelo and The mechanics of the contest was delivered by Mr. Michael Angelo Robles. To deeply encourage all contestants and attendees of the event, the first P4 Ambassador, Mr. Felicisimo Abcede presented his testimonial on the benefits of the P4 products as a contestant of the first batch.

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez

Jessica Teresa Jarabelo

Jessica Teresa Jarabelo

Michael Angelo Robles

Michael Angelo Robles

Mr. Felisicimo Abcede

Mr. Felisicimo Abcede













This was followed by the outstanding production number by the P4 contestants alongside all Marketing Eagles. Finally, the most anticipated event of the day, the official weigh-in of the P4 contestants led by Operations Manager, Ms. LJ Mauricio and Marketing Assistants, Ms. Jessica Jarabelo and Mr. Michael Angelo Robles. Several contestants won P4 Packages for having pushed themselves beyond limits, achieving their targeted 30% loss of their respective excess weights. Others were rewarded with either a box of MRT, Shake Off Phyto Fiber and 500ml of Splina Liquid Chlorophyll.

Production Number

Production Number

President Mr. Joey Urquia

President Mr. Joey Urquia












As the icing on the cake, the crowd was once again serenaded by our dear President, Mr. Joey Urquia followed by the karaoke request of CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan. Everyone went home with wide smiles on their faces. Though the event concluded, it was only the beginning of yet another leg of the journey. We shall excitedly wait to witness the transformation of all contestants in their journey of weight loss.