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Social Day with First batch of P4 Launching


April 18, 2015 was one of the most awaited day of Edmarkers here in Davao City. The first event started with an opening prayer led by Marketing Eagle Ms. Ludycres N. Durango and followed by the Dance Energizer by Team Davao. The event was attended by 31 distributors and guests. The event was lively and full of energy due to excitement of newly promoted Distributors. The Guests were well entertained by the performance and motivated by the recognition of the achievers.

Edmarkers were amazed when they heard about the newly promoted Manager, Ms. Dulce D. Cena that left an inspiring message with the support of Diamond Mgr. Grace M. Lumapas in awarding of the managerial pin. For the closing remark, Nelly M. Montes a Sapphire Manager planted a word of motivation to everyone that indeed God used Edmark Business to really help people succeed. Mr. Jay Henobiagon then called all the leaders to join in the Picture taking with the new Manager Ms. Dulce D. Cena.

davao social day and p4-2

The second part of the event was the launching of first batch of P4 Lose to Win 90 Days Challenge conducted by Ms. Ludycres N. Durango. The guests were attentive during the discussion on what the P4 90 days challenge was all about. encouraged them to join the said program . Everyone was encouraged to join on the program.

And much awaited moment, P4 Production number had successfully performed by Edmark Team Davao resulted a vigorus and persuasive atmosphere to become a part of the Edmark family and as well as to join the activity .

In Official Weigh in, Mr.Jewerskie Henobiagon and Ludycres Durango took the height and weight of the attendees and we have 12 Contenders who committed and agreed to finish the Healthy Slimming Program.

A closing remark and prayer delivered by Ms. Ludycres Durango and ended with an inspiring Edmark city song together with the performance Davao Team .

Thank you and Long Live Edmark !


Feel good now !





Ludycres N. Durango

Marketing Eagle


Edmark HQ Cubao Emerald Recognition and P4 Lose To Win Final Weigh-In

“An award is a form of honor, a kind of recognition aimed to felicitate one’s excellent contribution in a chosen field. An award is not only a great prestige or a mark of excellence, but is also a tremendous boost for someone to strive and excel higher and aim for even bigger accomplishments in life.”


Edmark HQ Cubao held another two memorable big event last March 28, 2015 at 1:00pm. We had the Emerald Recognition witnessed by our 82 distributors and guests. The host of the said event was the Edmark Cubao’s Marketing In charge Ms. Angel Sanchez. It started with an opening prayer, followed by the dance energizer led by the outstanding Marketing Eagles.


The Welcome Remarks was delivered by Our Beloved President Mr. Joey Urquia, while our Outstanding Guest Speaker Crown Manager Armand Pajota discussed the Role and Benefits of an Emerald Manager. The excitement never stopped when the host played the Audio Visual Presentation introducing all the achievements and profile, and by the gun shot theme parade of the newly promoted Emerald Managers Ms. Emelisita Sabado, Mr. and Mrs. Edmundo & Gomercinda Alinsub. It was then followed by the giving of their pins, certificates, lays and flowers. Having a little time to deliver their speech and had photo opportunity with their upline, downlines and Relatives. Mrs. Gomercinda Alinsub was recognized as the Most Outstanding Emerald Manager. The event became livelier when Ms. Karina De Guzman from HR Department did her special number in honor to the newly promoted Emerald Manager.


After the Emerald Manager Recognition, we proceeded to the next part of the program which was P4 lose to Win 90th Day Final Weigh In. It started at around 3:00pm with a sizzling Dance energizer by the P4 Contestants from First Batch. The host to the said event was no other than CM Irene Lumbo, who is a former P4 Contestant from First Batch. Right after the Global Obesity Video, the special message was given our Exceptionally Chief Executive Officer Engr. Ric Camaligan. He told the leaders and attendees that in Edmark, we are the leader in Weight Loss Industry and our channel of compensation via multi-level marketing system was founded on the principle of people reaching out to people.

The P4 testimonials was discussed by one of the Contestants Ms. Celine Rosos while live testimonials was from P4 1st batch Ambassadress Wishnelyn Mendoza. One of the P4 contestants, Ms. Rose Cabuga discussed “Why Lost to Win” while Mr. Joselito Abecia tackled the mechanics of the contest. To sustain the energy level of all the leaders, guests and distributors, all the P4 Contenders had their production number that made everyone danced and grooved with the rhythm


The Marketing In-Charge, Ms. Angel started the final weigh-in and had a short interview with all the contenders. After that, CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan and Edmark’s Extraordinary President, Sir Joey Urquia presented the certificates of all the P4 3rd Batch Contenders who made it to the 90th day weigh-in. The long wait is over!

Below is the list of P4 90th Day weigh-In:

3rd Place:       Ms. Mamerta Rinon who won ₱3,000 cash and one P4 package

2nd Place:       Ms. Rosario Cabuga who won ₱6,000 cash and two P4 packages

P4 Winner:   Mr. Celso Rosos who won ₱10,000 cash and three P4 packages

Since no one did not hit their 100% Body Mass Index, there was no announcement of P4 3rd Batch Ambassador and Ambassadress. But every contestants were really happy with their achievements.

That day was also the starting day of the application of P4 4th batch and the Official Weigh in was associated by Store Operations Manager Ms. Lj Mauricio assisted by one of the Marketing staff. The host welcomed all the P4 4th Batch Contenders and discussed on how to get started with.

Slide4The closing remarks was led by Asst. Sales Manager Ms. Malou Alburo and a closing prayer and an Edmark dance closed a Wonderful and Successful event. Hope to see you all again on our next big events. Feel Good Now!







“Truth about Binaries” and “Working Smart Seminar” is an effective way to impart knowledge and facts to the people especially the distributors. The program was started with a solemn prayer, followed by the dance energizer. Our outstanding BOI Ms. Ruby Claire Pactores formally welcomed all attendees. The program would be incomplete without speakers. To share their knowledge and experiences, the program was conducted by our two outstanding Emerald Managers, Mr. Gilbert Cagaanan and Ms. Alejandra Deloso. “Introduction” and “What They Will tell you” was conducted by EM Gilbert Cagaanan.  While “What They Will Not tell you” and “What the Professionals Will tell you” was conducted by EM Ms. Alejandra Deloso. “Fundamentals of MLM” and “Types of Compensation Plan” was conducted by EM Gilbert Cagaanan. “Discoveries and The Road Ahead”, “Where to go and what to do” was conducted by our EM Ms. Alejandra Deloso. It was an overloading information but very remarkable discussion. We were proud to say that this kind of seminar was an inspirational time because it was the chance to grow individually not only for living but a chance to get high profit and of course to be a successful person. Some delivered their testimonials on how Edmark changed their lives successful. Knowledge is one of our weapon to succeed, that’s the reason why Edmark have a “Truth about Binaries” and “Working Smart Seminar” training.

By: Cristy Jean Papin


for blog final


By: Sanshine J. Bajuyo


“At First, they’ll ask you why you are doing it. Later, they’ll ask you how you do it”

Final Challenge for 3rd Batch was ended last Saturday, April 11, 2015. The program started with an opening prayer led by Ms. Jean Fernandez, one of the P4 Contestants, followed by a fat burning and heart pumping dance energizer front lined by the most energetic P4 Contestants. The host was then introduced who is with full energy and the sexiest RM Joann Flora. Opening remarks then was called and BOI Ms. Ruby Claire Pactores warmly welcomed the contestants and their families, guests, distributors and leaders. Special message and video on Global Obesity was presented by P4 Ambassador/EM Gilbert Cagaanan. He talked about Obesity and How Losing Weight can affect in a good way.  After which, Local Obesity and P4 testimonial was presented by Ms. Judith Cagaanan, one of the P4 Contestants. Live testimonial by P4 Ambassador Ronaldo Balolot followed; he shared some tips on how he loses weight and how products of Edmark really helped him a lot especially during the challenge. Then Why lose to Win and Diet plan was discussed by Ms. Rona Tagarda. The Production Number was then given by the 5 lovely P4 Lose to Win Contestants along with Mktg. Staff from Mindanao branches. The most awaited part of the program finally happened, the weigh-in! Most of the contestants really lose weight. The contest then cooled dashing and stunning as they wore their formal attire which showed the curves for the ladies and masculine built for the gentleman. While waiting for the result, Ms. Ester Esic Mktg. In-charge of Ozamis discussed the Contest Mechanics and Ms. Cristy Jean Papin discussed the How to Get Started.



Finally, Branch Officer In-charge Ms. Ruby Claire Pactores and Ms. Meliza  Payla started giving of certificates to the contestants. Afterwards was the awarding of winners, 3rd prize was given to Ms. Judith Cagaanan with a total weight loss of 58.9%, 2nd place was awarded to Ms. Joann Flora with a total weight loss of 76.2% and 1st prize was given to Mr. Andres Cuabo with total weight loss of 113.1%, and he was awarded as Ambassador and Biggest loser for losing 14.7kg.


Closing remarks was rendered by BOI Ms. Meliza Payla, closing prayer was led by Mr. Joseph Zepeda to formally close the program and Dance Energizer for finale led by Mktg. Staff.  It was successfully ended with the blessing of our Almighty God.

Feel Good Now!


By: Zhannen Bria Villasis


Edmark Zamboanga held a powerful Social day and P4 Lose To Win 90th Day Final Weigh-In last March 29, 2015 at CityInn Hotel Function Hall. Attended by 92 distributors and guests.




The day started on a high note as all the guests and distributors registered their names as they came in to the hall. We started our Social day with both the Muslim and Christian prayers. And was followed by the Philippine National Anthem and a powerful dance energizer respectively. After that, Edmark Zamboanga’s Branch Officer In-charge, Mr. Donnie Vargas welcomed and gave out his motivational message to everyone. The achievers were recognized one by one starting from Senior Distributor up to Supervisor. Our Newly Promoted Ruby Manager discussed the Role and Benefits. Awarding and pinning of newly promoted Managers was given by our Operations Manager Mr. Jimmy Dinio and very supportive Marketing Manager Ms. Odessa Capatoy. Followed with the pinning of newly promoted Sapphire Managers and Ruby Managers.




Moving on to the most-awaited part of the event, which is the P4 Lose To Win Final Weigh-In, P4 contestants were all visibly nervous and excited to find out how much weight they have lost. Our host is one of our contestants SM Vilma Dindin. Our Operations Manager gave his special message to all the Edmarkers especially the P4 contestants. To emphasize the importance of Edmark’s P4 Lose to Win Challenge, Ms. Vivian Madrazo discussed the video of obesity. She added that this global threat leads to many diseases like asthma, which she experienced before, not until someone introduced Edmark products to her. Ms. Cherry Miranda discussed what ”Why Lose To Win” is all about and The Diet Plan. A testimony was shared by our newly promoted Sapphire Manager and 1st P4 Ambassador of Edmark Cubao, Mr. Jun Abcede. He testified to his transformation from being overweight to a healthy and sexy body. Many Edmarkers were inspired by his personal testimony. The P4 mechanics was discussed by one of the P4 contestants, Ms. Jessie Javar and Marketing Assistant Ms. Bria Villasis. There was a short video played for the P4 session just to show briefly of what goes on during contestants’ workout periods. Followed by the most anticipated moment of the event was the actual weigh-in of the P4 contestants.




P4 Lose to Win winners are as follows:

3rd Runner Up                    Ms. Rosario Siega who won 1 P4 Package with 2,000php cash

2nd Runner Up                   Ms. Gemma Duhaylungsod who won 2 P4 Package with 3,000php cash

P4 Winner                           Ms. Cherry Miranda who won 3 P4 Packages with Php 6,000 cash


The announcement and the good news followed after the announcement of the winners and was led by Marketing Manager Ms. Odessa Capatoy. The event ended with a prayer and everyone gathered together for snack.


At the end of the event, everyone learned the importance of appreciating other people’s success no matter how small it looks. Feel Good Now!



“Never say never because limits like fears are often an illusion.”

Michael Jordan


Edmark Cebu held a GMDR, Social Day and P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-in last Saturday April 11, 2015. It was a day full of excitement and learning, starting with an opening prayer led by Ms. Jasmin Tajo, followed by the energetic speaker, Sapphire Manager Mr. Melvin Cabahug who went on to discuss the GMDR and testified on the effectivity of Edmark products.

After GMDR, the Social Day Recognition followed. Welcome remarks were given by Mr. Pedro Panares where he acknowledged all the Edmarkers present on the program. It was then followed by a special recognition of early bird that was given to Ms. Maria Asuncion Calbario. On that day, there were five newly promoted distributors recognized in their position, three Senior Distributors and two Supervisors respectively. They were welcomed and T-UP by our very own Branch Officer In charge Ms. Mirasol Dianon and Crown Managers. This was followed by a closing remarks given by Crown Manager Ms. Herminia Beatingo.


Followed by the most exciting part of the program, P4 LTW 30th Day Weigh-In. It was started with a powerful dance energizer and special message was delivered by Sapphire Manager Mr. Melvin Cabahug. He inspired all the Edmarkers to boost their Edmark business and join the P4 Lose to Win program. He also discussed the international obesity video, showing the increasing number of obese people worldwide. Followed by Local Obesity Video, P4 Testimony, video compilation of P4 contestants activity for the past 30 days, Why Lose to Win and P4 Mechanics were discussed and explained well by one of the active marketing eagle Mr. Michael Angelo Robles.

After the discussion, the P4 contestants, together with the Edmark Cebu Staff led a powerful dance production number. Then, the moment of truth arrived with 30th Day weigh-in. Out of 19 Contestants, there were 10 Contenders who made it to the P4 LTW 30th day and only three Contestants were given of exciting prizes but all of them were happy, grateful and enjoyed the P4 LTW Program. The program came to an end with the closing remarks and announcement of good news by branch officer Ms. Mirasol Dianon. The program was successfully held with the participation of our beloved Edmarkers and the blessings of our all mighty God.

Feel Good Now!


By: Zhannen Bria L. Villasis

Edmarkers believe that nothing can stop a person in learning something new and beneficial. As Edmark Zamboanga held its first System Training Program, it paved a way for its distributors to become potential leaders.

The training went on from Feb. 16-26, 2015. It was joined by 17 enthusiastic distributors and our dynamic trainers were T5 Master CM Lemuel Cena and T3 Trainer CM Caress Estaras.

On the first day, the registration was on the top of the list. We started with a Christian and Muslim prayer followed by an energetic dance energizer led by outstanding Edmark staffs to let them be awakened and alive. Excitement was plotted onto their faces as the trainers delivered their introductions and gave them pointers to help them overcome their stage frights, which was one of the main reasons why they’re unable to present each module well.

Each of the participants was given the time to speak in front of the crowd to introduce themselves as well. As we go along, CM Lemuel Cena tackled the Fundamentals of Effective Training and CM Caress Estaras discussed the Presentation Skills Training. After that, CM Caress Estaras started presenting the first module which was the Membership Drive Rally (MDR). On the following day, the trainees had the opportunity to shine as they paraded themselves in their best system uniforms prior to their MDR presentations. In the afternoon, the trainers took over and presented the NDT module with the live audience to encourage other distributors to learn more about Edmark Company and to keep up with the EES Cycle which was slightly interpolated with the occurrence of the STP. The particular module discussed by the trainers in their live presentation was discussed by the trainees the next day following the EES Cycle.

The trainees who passed will undergo Mastery. Luckily, 9 of them passed the basic presentation. From their basic to mastery, most of them improved well.



On the last day we had a mini-awarding and short gathering to mingle with each other and with our trainers. CM Lemuel Cena and CM Caress Estaras joined us. They also shared some inspirational message to the trainees and gave some insights on how to reach success. You can mirror the joy in every trainee’s eyes. Even if some of them did not made the cut, still they are very thankful for the knowledge and skills they’ve got in the training. They are now prepared in facing and achieving their goals in Edmark. Feel Good Now!