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A remarkable and truly worth remembering event happened last September 25, 2015 at Red Cross Training Hall, as Edmark Iloilo celebrated its P4 Lose to Win 60th day Weigh-in Challenge back to back with Diamond Manager Recognition ,Splina Toothpaste and Soap Products Launching .

About 45 people gathered around to witness and join our superb event. Almost 25 true blooded Edmarkers, including leaders and distributors and almost 20 guests or people who are not yet part or members of Edmark attended and supported our big day.

Excitement and curiosity were registered on our guests’ faces as they first ever witnessed the abundance that Edmark could brought to their lives. Our dear Leaders and Edmarkers showed our new guests the true spirit of a real Edmarker. As the program started, after we gave praise and asked guidance to our Dear Almighty God, the leaders together with the staff lead our dance energizer to show our guests how participative, enjoying and active we should be.

After we energized ourselves, as one of the highlight of this event, we recognized our newly promoted Diamond Manager, Dr. Crispin Gico. He as one of the active leaders of our Edmark Business, Diamond Manager Gico shared and inspired everyone on the training room that being an Edmarker is truly a blessing. He thanked everyone most especially the Edmark Family and Business for giving him the opportunity to share his blessings and to help other people through Edmark Products.

As we totally reached the most exciting part of our event, the P4 Lose To Win 60th Day Weigh-in, contestants and even the guests and distributors were truly excited. After the bombastic dance energizer, giving and discussing the Mechanics, Why Lose to Win and Diet Plan Program, and showing them the very alarming warning of Local and International Obesity videos, the heat and excitement inside the Red Cross Training Room was getting higher.

Table shows the names of contestants and their new BMI result:

ALEJANDRE CANONICATO MALE 172.5 79 70.5 8.5 70.5 8.8 103.5 P4 PACKAGE
ALMIRA PASQUIN FEMALE 160 72.9 58 15 61.8 11.1 74.5 P4 PACKAGE
ELYN DAMASCO FEMALE 155 83 54.5 29 73.3 9.7 34 1 BOX SPLINA
MARY JANE BUNA FEMALE 160 68.4 60 8.4 61.7 6.7 79.8 P4 PACKAGE
RITCHIE TORBOLENTO MALE 165 77.2 65 12 70.1 7.1 58.2 I BOX MRT
RUTH INQUIT FEMALE 152.5 70 53 17 64.4 5.6 32.9 1 BOX SPLINA

The event ended with happiness on each visitors and distributors faces and hearts who attended and support our big day. It was a very remarkable event to all Iloilo Edmarkers as we show everyone that here at Iloilo we work not just a team, but also as a family.

Thank you and Feel Good Now!



Newest Car Fund Recipients

Congratulations to our Newest Car Fund Recipients, Our mover from Naga City , also a Crown Manager Mr.and Mrs. Joemy and Emily Carpo.



By: Myani Bagona

Another successful and victorious events happened in HQ Cubao last September 19, 2015. We had our Grand HLS and Health Awareness back to back with Grand Launching of Edmark Cappuccino.

The Healthy Living Seminar was officially started at exactly 10 o’clock in the morning. The event was participated by various Edmark active leaders & distributors as well as potential guests from different branches.


The said event started with a great blessings from our Almighty God followed by a very dynamic dance energizer with our Marketing eagles. Ms. Emilyn Blas, one of the Marketing staff, as the master of ceremony, welcomed all our leaders, distributors specially our guests. Our two outstanding speakers CM & T4 Ms. Caress Estaras and CM & T5 Mr. Lemuel Cena discussed and explained very well what and why we need a healthy living.  While the Grand HLS was on going, our very own CM Mr. Jose Butial started Health Awareness held at the Auditorium 2nd floor HQ Cubao. It was an opportunity that all our dear Edmarkers took with and brought as well their guests for the free consultation.

To end Grand HLS and Health Awareness activities, we gave praise and gratitude to our Almighty God for guiding us and for the success of such activities.

The second part of the event was the most awaited Edmark Cappuccino Grand Launching. The program started by discussing the benefits of our new Edmark product by none other done our most outstanding speaker CM & T5 Mr.  Lemuel Cena.

He tackled thoroughly the great benefits and advantages of our Edmark Cappuccino. He totally captured the attention of our guests and distributors by his great knowledge and way of presenting the product and it made the listeners more even interested with our new Edmark Cappuccino. Also he added the health and enriching benefits of the said product.


After sharing knowledge about our new product, a powerful dance energizer led by our marketing staff heated and awakened the room. Afterwards, the most awaited part of the program, the unveiling of our Edmark Cappuccino has finally arrived. Led by our ever supportive CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan, Edmark Philippines President Joey Urquia, CMO Ms. Lynden Valdez together with the Edmark Management Committee and Top Leaders. After the unveiling, everyone were excited to have their free taste of the newest product, Edmark  Cappuccino with Ganoderma Extract.

At the end, our dear CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan gave a special message to everyone and thanked them for their unending support to Edmark.

We formally closed the tremendous event with the blessings of our Almighty God.







Created by: Irene Taguba

“Start a new chapter today”

September 19, 2015 – Edmark Cebu celebrated its P4 60th Day Weigh-in back to back with Emerald Recognition and Product Launching of Edmark Cappuccino together with the Splina Toothpaste and Soap. It was indeed a very remarkable day as we celebrated it together with our dear Edmarkers here in Cebu for sharing and giving us their time and all out support for the success of the event. Unveiling of the Edmark Cappuccino gives the sweet aroma of another opportunity. Opportunity to receive honor and grace from the Almighty God.Slide2

After unveiling the products, Emerald recognition followed. In this day another title is being attached to the name of newly promoted Emerald Manager. Mr. Reynaldo Berbesada, as he received his Emerald Manager pin and certificate in front of the outstanding Edmarkers, he can’t hide the happiness and perseverance to work harder in order for him to  aim the top.Slide1

Followed by the most exciting part of the program, P4 LTW 60th Day. Special message was given by our Ms. Carmelita Bihag. She inspired all the Edmarkers to boost their Edmark business and guests and fellow Edmarkers to join the P4 Lose to win program. Ten out of 19 Contestants made it to P4 LTW 60th day weigh-in and only Ms. Glenna Cabrera were given 1 P4 Package but all of contenders were happy, grateful and bless as they enjoyed the P4 LTW Program.


Here’s the attached info of the P4 Contenders who joined the P4 60th Day Weigh-in.

  • MARIA GLENNA CABRERA, lost percentage – 82.2% (received 1 P4 Package)
  • MIGUELA FLORES ,gained percentage -1.9%
  • ESTER BUSALLA, lost percentage – 7.6%
  • MARIA MONINA ESTRERA, lost percentage – 17%
  • GRETCHEN EDUYAN, lost percentage – 20.7%
  • MARIA MERCY CANETE, gain percentage -0.6%
  • CARMELITA BIHAG, lost percentage – 7.2%
  • EUTEMIA ZAFRA, lost percentage – 7.4%
  • JANELYN MINGLANA, lost percentage – 16.4%
  • JULIA ETORMA, gained percentage -4.2%

The program was successfully held with the participation of our beloved Edmarkers and the blessings of our Almighty God.

Edmark Iligan – GMDR , Grand Launching of Splina Soap & Toothpaste



Edmark Iligan,Ozamis and CDO – P4 60th Day Weigh-In/ Social Day

September 12, 2015 – Edmark Cagayan de Oro celebrated its P4 60th Day Weigh-in Challenge. Attended by 24 distributors and 16 guests who are all very excited to witness an outstanding event.

The event started with an opening prayer, asking guidance and blessings to our Almighty God and followed by a very dynamic dance energizer led by our Leaders and staff. Ms. Casey Rose, Edmark CDO Marketing Assistant welcomed all our distributors, guests, leaders and P4 contestants followed by the discussion of the awareness of obesity in our country and all over the world by our very own Emerald Managers Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Judith Cagaanan.

Part of this, Ruby Manager Ms. Joann Flora discussed the “Why Lose To Win” and she explained the importance of P4 Slimming Program the daily diet program, especially on the P4 contestants. Afterwards, marketing staff of Iligan branch,Ms. Cristy Jean Papin discussed the mechanics and the prizes of the contestSlide2


After the energetic production number of contestants together with the staff, the most awaited 60th day weigh-in happened. Everybody was nervous & excited, especially our dear and dedicated contestants, to know if they lose or gain a weight.

Two participants got Splina Liquid Chlorophyll and 2 got MRT boxes. Three contestants got P4 package namely, Ms. Ressie Umaran with 87.1% lost Mrs. Ma. Dolor Liza Estillore with 88.5% lost and Mr. Reejay Dacut with 87.8% lost. Everybody was very happy while receiving their token.


The second part of our event is the recognition of our newly promoted achievers. Listed below are the names of newly promoted distributors of Edmark Cagayan de Oro:


Senior Distributors                                                           Supervisor

Rodelyn D. Lim                                                                          Ghalili-Uzi A. Eduave

Luzminda C. Luminarias                                                         Christine Plata

Fe F. Cabactulan                                                                     Manager

Erwin S. Cabungcag                                                                 Ramsis G. Cartagena

Elizabeth B. Candia                                                                  Cyril N. Radaza

Edna A. Besario                                                                       Ruby Manager

Alwin Domenique C. Laga                                                     Bryan Ryan Labitad

Cedric D. Nailes

The event ended with a prayer, giving thanks to our Almighty God for a very successful event. We are all thankful to all  Edmarkers as they all shows their love and gratitude to Edmark.


Thank you and Feel Good Now!


Edmark Expo In Cagayan De Oro City

Outstanding Morning Edmarkers, please mark your calendar as we will have the first ever EDMARK EXPO in Cagayan De Oro City on November 15, 2015, Sunday ,11AM to 6PM at Lim Ket Kai Hotel Lim Ket Kai Avenue Lim Ket Kai Center, Cagayan De Oro . Tickets are available in Edmark  Mindanao Branches ( CDO, ILIGAN, OZAMIZ, ZAMBOANGA, BUTAUAN & DAVAO). Ticket Rates ( Early Bird Rate Php 20.00 and Regular Rate Php 200.00). Please come with your business partners and invited guests.See you all there and Feel Good Now!


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By: Arjen Garcia

September 12, 2015 – Edmark Cubao celebrated its P4 Lose To Win 60th Day Weigh-In together with a Zumba Party at Edmark Cubao together with our dear Edmarkers and guests all over the Cubao area. The event started in the morning with a Zumba session led by the Zumba instructor Zin Kidlat and wife Zin Anit. Everyone enjoyed the Zumba especially our dear P4 Lose to Win batch 5 contestants.

Right after the Zumba session, the 60th day final weigh-in has been officially started. As our dear Edmark Philippines President Mr. Joey Urquia gave his welcoming remarks and inspired everyone why we need to try and embrace Edmark products in our lives, he also shares to everyone how Edmark changed his life and on how effective is our products.


A Special Message from our Chief Marketing Officer Ma’am Lynden Valdez really inspired our dear P4 contestants to achieve their desired BMI and of course not only the contestants has been inspired but also the leaders and fellow Edmarkers. A message where leaders, up lines together with their down lines should work as a team and love and protect one another as a family. A relationship that no one could break the line and wall, as long as the bond, understanding and support is always visible

After giving an inspirational message, Marketing Eagle Aladdin Candelaria discussed the Local Obesity video which explains how alarming this kind of disease now in our country and the whole world. In which, our very own product, the Edmarks Products are already the answer to all this alarming cases. A Live Testimonial by P4 Ambassador Salvador Nomo inspires everyone that in order to achieve a healthy and slimming body is not impossible. After explaining the “Why Lose to Win”, “Diet Plan” and “Mechanics of the Contests” by our marketing staff a very powerful and dynamic dance energizer was performed by our very energetic P4 batch5 contestants together with our Marketing Eagles and of course with our dynamic guests.


After the production number, the most awaited part of the crowd and most especially with the P4 contestants has finally come. As they went on the stage and checked together with the marketing staff their new kilograms and BMI. Among the P4 participants, only two got P4 package, namely Mr. Jun Llena and Ms. Jenilyn Alinsub.

The event ended with a great smile and happiness to everyone who attended and witnessed our event.  The success of our event would not be possible without the great blessings of our Almighty God and all out support from our Edmark Family Staff, distributors and leaders.

Thank you and Feel Good Now!










Edmark Zamboanga’s Upcoming Big Events.