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EDMARK PALAWAN’S P4 Lose to Win 60th Day Weigh-In and Grand Membership Drive Rally

By Leah Guyal

In celebration of Baragatan festival here in Palawan, Edmark Palawan held its P4 Lose to Win program 60th Day Weigh-In back to back with Grand Membership Drive Rally with a festival theme that brought good vibes with over 14 distributors and 20 guests. The program was participated by 5 contestants. The event started promptly at 4pm with a prayer led by Ms. Zenneth Bandal that marked the beginning of the event and followed by a dance energizer from
Sales Center Staffs.

An outstanding discussion of Membership Drive Rally module was discussed by our Double Crown Manager Irma Lazo with her amazing sense of humor that made the crowd lively and full of energy. With her great knowledge about Edmark products, she totally got the attention and interest of all the attendees to become a part of Edmark business.


Ms. Zenneth Bandal, Branch Officer In-Charge delivered a warm message to welcome the attendees for the second part of the program which was the P4 60th Day Weigh-In and to thank all the distributors with their effort to make this event possible. It was the followed by the special message of our DCM Irma Lazo.

To broadly share the reason behind the Lose To Win contest, Ms. Leah Guyal, Marketing Eagle, discussed the previous testimonial of P4 contestant as well as the diet plan and mechanics of the contest, but most importantly, the benefits of joining P4 program to encourage them to get back their confidence by being physically fit. Followed by the outstanding production number of the P4 contestants together with all Edmark Palawan Sales Center Staffs.

The most anticipated event of the day, the official weigh-in of the P4 contestants led by DCM Irma Lazo. Gratefully, Ms. Rea Opate Araez, Ms. Alma E. Ramos, Ms. Analissa Barroma, and Ms. Unita Rodriguez were given a box of MRT.

The event was ended by a closing remarks of our Branch Officer in Charge, Ms. Zenneth Bandal followed by a prayer, thanking the Almighty God for the success of the event and having His guidance for the upcoming P4 90th day weigh in.

Cebu GMDR and P4 Lose To Win 60th Day

“Obstacle don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.”

Michael Jordan

Edmark Cebu held a GMDR back-to-back with the P4 Lose to Win 60th Day Weigh-In last May 16, 2015. It was an outstanding day as all the distributors were very excited to start the program, their willingness to learn more about the products and how to boost their Edmark business. Starting with an opening prayer led by one of the Edmark staff Ms. Charisse Cuerpo, followed by the dynamic speaker, Ms. Jasmin Tajo who went on to discuss the GMDR and the powerful products and its benefits. Many guests and distributors were impressed on the effectiveness of the products while other distributors testified on how Edmark products changed their lives.


After the GMDR, the P4 Lose to Win 60th Day Weigh-In followed. It started with a powerful dance energizer by Edmark Cebu Staff and Welcome remarks was given by our Branch Officer-in-Charge, Ms. Mirasol Dianon where she acknowledged all the Edmarkers present, from Distributors up to Crown Managers. This was followed by an inspirational message given by Ruby Manager Mr. Melvin Cabahug. He also discussed the international obesity video, showing the increasing number of obese people worldwide. Followed by Local Obesity Video, P4 Testimony, video compilation of P4 contestants activity for the past 60 days, Why Lose to Win discussed by Ms. Charisse Cuerpo and P4 Mechanics discussed by marketing eagle Mr. Michael Angelo Robles. After the discussion, the P4 contestants, together with the staff of Edmark Cebu led a powerful dance production number. Then, the moment of truth arrived with 60th Day weigh-in. Out of 16 Contestants, there were 7 Contenders who made it to the P4 LTW 60th day and Mr. Melvin Cabahug was the only contestant who was given of Edmark products. But all of them were happy, grateful and enjoyed the P4 LTW Program. The event came to an end with the closing remarks and announcement of good news by Ms. Mirasol Dianon. The program was successfully held with the participation of our beloved Edmarkers and the blessings of our all mighty God.

Feel Good Now!



By: Cristy Jean E. Papin

 “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another”.

 John Dewey

Edmark Iligan, Edmark Ozamis and Edmark Cagayan de Oro held a P4 LTW 30th Day, back to back GMDR and Mother’s Day Tribute at HQ Iligan office last May 9, 2015.


First, it was started by a solemn prayer led by Marketing staff from Ozamis Ms. Ester Esic, followed by the bombastic dance energizer led by the Edmark staff. The host introduced the speaker who was very prepared to stand in front, to lead the GMDR, EM Mr. Gilbert Cagaanan. He shared his intelligence and assured that Edmark products are effective. We observed that the attendees seriously listened and cooperated. Right after the GMDR, the host let the attendees to stand for the dance energizer to strengthen them. Our outstanding BOI from Iligan branch Ms. Ruby Claire Pactores formally welcomed all especially the staff who came along from different branches.


Followed by the special message about the ‘Global Obesity Video’ by EM Gilbert Cagaanan. He raised awareness, understanding and we believed that it will build up another opportunities to take along. The next will be the P4 LTW Testimonial, a special message by Mrs. Nova Balolot. She gave an exceptional speech that inspired others and thankful of what she is now. Next was the testimonial of 3rd batch P4 Ambassador Mr. Andres Cuabo. It seemed so nice to see people giving testimony of what he achieved and Mr. Cuabo deserved it. The most awaited part was the intermission number of P4 contenders, of course with the presence of Edmark staffs. It was an electrifying dance presentation that the attendees were lively and energetic.



Right after the dance presentation, the host called all the P4 contestants to stand and come in front for the final weigh-in. We felt the excitement of all contenders as they went along with their weigh-in. Edmark staff were impressed of the output with the P4 contenders because it means they aimed and worked hard for it and for that, they deserved to receive a reward. There were six contenders who got P4 package, namely: Mrs. Melita Barzana, Mrs. Magdalena Selim, Mrs. Marivel Marcellana, Mrs.Judith Cagaanan, Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Tagalog. Ms. Erra Salcedo got one box of MRT. If you have self-discipline and determination you can get what you want. The most touching and heartbreaking part of the day was the Mother’s Day Tribute video. Edmark staff made a video to all mother distributors because that’s our way to treat and tell them how special they are. We prepared flowers for them and we let their loved ones give a special message.

Indeed, thanks God for the successful event we made and for the presence of our ever supportive distributors. Feel Good Now!


By: Joharha Kali and Maureen Suerez

25th day of April 2015 was indeed another memorable day in Edmark Cubao for all distributors and guests. It was a tremendous event which started first with the Grand Membership Drive Rally followed by the Diamond Recognition, Launching of new product flavor and finally, the P4 Lose to Win 30th Day Weigh-In.

After the Grand MDR handled by Crown Manager Erlinda Cahinde, we started the Diamond Recognition at exactly 2pm by an opening Christian and Muslim prayer, National Anthem and a powerful Dance Energizer led by the Marketing Eagles.  Crown Manager Caress Estaras warmly welcomed everyone, participants and guests, especially Edmark Management Team while Guest Speaker, CM Erlinda Cahinde discussed the Roles and Benefits of a Diamond Manager.

The time has come for our newly promoted Diamond Manager, Claudia Guingon to embrace her spotlight, where she presented an AVP of her journey from being a distributor to a Diamond Manager.


The time has come for our newly promoted Diamond Manager, Claudia Guingon to embrace her spotlight, where she presented an AVP of her journey from being a distributor to a Diamond Manager.

Next to that was what everybody’s waiting for, the recognition of the newly promoted Diamond Manager. Certificates was presented by Operations Manager Jimmy Dinio together with the Crown Council. Newly Promoted Diamond Manager Claudia Guingon took the stage and told everyone about the story of her life and how she became successful. She was really grateful for the recognition and for everything that Edmark had done to her life.

On the same day, after the Diamond Recognition, Edmark Cubao officially launched MRT new flavors (strawberry & vanilla) together with Shake Off Phyto Fiber Lemon. The program started with the powerful dance number led by the two outstanding and energetic marketing eagles, Maureen and Ara. Here comes now the most awaited part, which is the unveiling of the products led by our Operations Manager Mr. Jimmy Dinio together with the top leaders. The products was finally unveiled and everyone could just not wait to lay their hands on. This created a happy atmosphere and everyone were just impatient to have a taste of the magnificent MRT and Shake Off.

Exclusive and extraordinary speaker CM Natalia Lorenzo discussed the benefits of the products. She tackled her presentation with the peak of her knowledge, passion and excitement making our dearest attendees out of curiosity fully focused with our products to grab and capture all the proceedings accurately and make more purchases of these three splendid new products without the slightest hesitation. She also spoke on how enriching and healthy the product as it helps promote longevity. Finally all the distributors and guest had a privilege to taste our products. They expressed their love for the sweet taste as it is tasteful to the tongue with an inviting aroma.

 “In order to successfully lose weight, our desire for success should be greater than our fear of failure”

Still on excitement! After the launching of new products, P4 Lose to Win 30th day Weigh-In then followed. The Event started with an earth shuttering dance energizer led by the Marketing Eagles together with the P4 contestant to share the energy and power to all the attendees. Video on obesity was then played, awakening everyone that obesity is now pandemic. Operations Manager Mr. Jimmy Dinio gave a special message and thanked them for their unending support, also explaining to all on how we can help humanity by losing weight. To emphasize the importance of the P4 products our DM Manager John Acero discussed why we need to fight obesity with his testimonials.   A live testimony was shared by Jun Abcede our P4 Ambassador. He elaborated his success of being an ambassador thru the continued use of Edmark our products. Chona Jimenez, one of the Marketing Eagles explained “Why Lose to Win and Diet Plan”. She also emphasized that if you’re slim and healthy you can do all your job, also have confidence facing other people. Right after, Irene Taguba also explained the Mechanics of the Contest.


The most awaited part of the last event was the official weigh-in of the P4 contestants. Some of them received tokens like MRT, Splina Liquid Chlorophyll and Shake Off while some received P4 package. With the convincing power of the contenders to show that they really want to be healthy, some of the guests wanted to be a contender for the next batch. After the weigh-in, one of our P4 Ambassador Mr. Salvador Nomo gave his powerful good luck to all the contestants and his closing remarks for all the participants. Right after that we formally closed the tremendous event with the blessings of our Almighty Creator.









By: Emilyn Blas

For the first time, Edmarkers presented the company to the public in an elite, dashing and classy way. The most awaited event of Edmark Philippines, first ever Edmark Expo which took place at Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas, Pasig, was indeed a remarkable and a huge success. It was participated by more than 500 guests and distributors.

Registration started at 9am where every Edmarkers were warmly welcomed by the energetic Edmark Freris Trading staff. There were 2 sessions for the Grand Membership Drive Rally Seminar. Before we started the first session, the floor was given to the great man behind Edmark, our Chairman, Mr. Sam Low. He thanked everyone for being part of this first ever expo. And because it was just a week after the fight of the century, he said that this grand event was especially dedicated to People’s Champ, Manny Pacquiao. He recognized how Manny Pacquiao brought so much pride to the Philippines. He then let the attendees have a chance to ask any questions they want. One of the distributors bravely asked the nationality of our Chairman. Sir Sam proudly said that he is a Malay-Pinoy, where everyone gave him a round of applause. He just showed that he’s not only here for business, but he also learned how to embrace and love Philippines, and of course the Filipinos. He also stated that Filipinos are world-class. After the Q&A portion with Sir Sam, all the attendees who have their vouchers were requested to line up and have an up-close and personal photo opportunity with Chairman Sam Low.


The first session of the Grand Membership Drive Rally Seminar was discussed by T4 Trainer and Senior Crown Manager Rolly Marqueses. He shared how he started dreaming as an overseas worker until he achieved his position of a Senior Crown Manager, one time house fund and three time car fund recipient. He encouraged everyone especially the guests to just be determined and dedicated with their Edmark business. That was his secret to success.
While there was an on-going seminar for GMDR, other Edmarkers were busy roaming around the expo hall. Some are having their coffee/splina while chatting with their guests, business partners and staffs, some are busy purchasing, while some are having their inquiries done.


Edmark expo hall was composed of four informative stalls:
Stall 1 – Health/P4 Stall where stall manager, Ms. Careen San Juan and team, prepared some activities for everyone like knowing whether they are over or underweight. It has also a selfie stand of a physically fit man and woman where they can have their photos taken, even a boxing ring where it symbolizes Edmark’s serious fight against obesity.
Stall 2 – Under the supervision of Ms. LJ Mauricio, was the Business Opportunity Stall where Edmark is presenting its Marketing Plan with 71% total pay-out and 9 great bonuses starting from Retail Profit to Car and House Fund Bonus.


Stall 3 – With Edmark’s mission of helping people succeed in health, wealth and total well-being, the company is providing free education system to all its distributors, the Edmark Education System. Everyone has the opportunity to become one of the most outstanding leader and trainer with every free training that the company is providing. EES stall is under the supervision of Ms. Vilma Soldao.

Stall 4 – Company Profile Stall is where all the information about the company lies. From its humble beginnings until its journey to the top. Edmarkers did not just had the chance to know the names of the members of Board of Executives but also to had a chance to meet them personally. This stall is under the supervision of Ms. Nilda dela Fuente.


After SCM Rolly’s discussion, participants were given enough time to have their quick lunch break or have a tour inside expo hall. While having a break at the GMDR hall, everyone danced and grooved all the way with Marketing Eagles for the hourly dance energizer.

Around 2 in the afternoon, the host of the seminar, Ruby Manager Xyris Beatingo, prepared and introduced to everyone the speaker of the second session of Grand Membership Drive Rally Seminar, no other than T5 Master Trainer and Crown Manager Mark Lemuel Cena. One thing he shared with his co-Edmarkers: “We do not sell products here. That’s not our business. We sell the benefits. The benefits that can help a lot of people. That’s our business.” CM Lemuel was the one of the youngest member of Crown Council and owner of Edmark Dasmariñas franchise.


At the end of the event, everyone gathered and danced all throughout the last dance energizer together with Edmark staff and Board of Executives. It was a grand event where everyone enjoyed their stay, had fun with what the company prepared for them, learned a lot of thing, met new faces and built friendship. Every event, every occasion has its flaws, and never been perfect. Edmark Expo had its flaws as well but it was successful. All efforts that everyone gave, all sleepless nights, every time we skipped meals, went home late, every problems encountered, it was all worth it. Everything was all worth it. It was a huge success not just for the staffs who were really in-charge of everything about the event, but a success for the old and newly signed-up distributors. Thank you God for another successful event. We lift everything up into you.

Slide6See you at the next grand expo, Edmarkers! Feel Good Now!








By: Prescious Laiza Verano

We already moved to a New Location. It’s good to go.  Feel Good Now!Butuan New Office Location


“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

~ Calvin Coolidge



Edmark Iligan held a Social Day Recognition on April 30, 2015. The 1st part of our program was the GMDR led by our newly promoted SPV Mr. Seigfreid Aspiras. We noticed that our attendees especially the guests were attentively listening to the discussion. The 2nd part of our program was “The Distributors Summer Dance Contest” which was the most exciting part of the program. We had two groups who joined the contest. We are thankful and amazed of what the participants had prepared. The two groups were outstanding! The 3rd part of our program was the Social Day Recognition; we started it by a reflective prayer by Ms. Lovely Coolac, followed by the dance energizer. Our EM Mr.Gilbert Cagaanan formally welcomed the attendees. Social day is a time to recognized distributors on their accomplishments of being a hardworking person. A time to declared and showed everyone that they are capable of doing such things which can transform into a successful person.

Our newly promoted SM Mrs. Marie Cristine Suan delivered a testimonial of her experiences of being part of Edmark. We believed that a short testimony can bring thousands of positive thoughts that can inspire others. Our EM Ms. Alejandra Deloso gave an inspirational message to everyone at the same time she discussed the “Role and Benefits of a Ruby Manager”. Our newly promoted RB Mrs. Jeanita Paug dropped an inspiring message to everyone and we witnessed the happiness she felt inside

Iligan Social Day.final

No one can dictate someone what brings happiness they felt but Edmark did. It was an honor to see a person slowly changing their lives to a successful one. Edmark gave satisfaction to us. Our Outstanding BOI Ms. Ruby Claire Pactores formally closed the event.


By: Sanshine J. Bajuyo

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

Leadership can be learned through education, just like what Edmark Company did to our distributors. Last week April 25, 2015, Edmark Cagayan de Oro set another training/seminar, the Mentoring Leadership Training and Train the Trainer (MLT/TNT). The 1st part was opening prayer led by Ms. Ressie Umaran and then followed by bombastic dance energizer with of course the Edmark Staff and the very energetic Leaders. Then the Host introduced the speakers who came all the way from different branches namely; EM Jean Paul Villalveto, EM Gilbert Cagaanan, EM Alejandra Deloso, RM JoAnn Flora and our guest Speaker from HQ Cubao SCM Rolly Marqueses. They gave powerful ideas, shared their journey in Edmark business and how they became who they are today. These were part of motivational factor for active distributors.


At 12:00 in the afternoon, lunched was served before they proceeded to the next module. Then after break as we go along, the host let the attendees to stand for dance energizer to energize them. The next module was presented after, the speaker divided the attendees into 2 groups, the group of Gratitude led by Ms. Stella Mariz Roilo and group of Compassion led by EM Ana Liza Edrolin. It was a group discussion at the same time practice of their cooperation. On this part they have to answer some questions given by the speaker and share this in their group and in crowd.



Leadership is a pattern; we can learn these patterns through work and this will lead us to a better life. Once you learn this pattern, your life and the lives of those you lead will never be the same. After this training, distributors became more active leaders of Cagayan de Oro as the speakers imparted something useful for their Edmark business. You would see how thankful they were as they go home bringing the knowledge they got from today.Slide7






Indeed, the training was successful. Thank God that He made it smooth and successful till the end. Feel Good Now!