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Edmark Phils. Cafe 73 and Splina Chlorophyll Soap Launching- April 15, 2014


A prosperous Soft Launching of Café 73 and Splina Chlorophyll Soap happened in HQ Cubao, last April 15,2014 at exactly 2:00pm. An opening prayer led by Ms. Perlina Famorcan followed by a very bubbly dance energizer headed by the very active marketing eagles.  Before starting the Café 73 presentation. All eyes were amazed as the models ramp for Café 73 on the floor. Mr. Matthew Fabian presented the Café 73 wellness and wealth-ness, the attendees especially the guests were listening to him attentively. After the presentation, we called our C.E.O. Engr. Ric Camaligan, Mr. Joey Urquia and Ms. Lynden Valdez who shared their testimonies after taking the products. Afterwards, we had a product sampling of Café 73, and get their product’s feedback.  The distributor who tasted Café 73 sincerely testified that the taste it’s not that sweet and blends well because its sugar free. While product sampling on going Ms. Jessica Teresa Jarabelo rendered a beautiful song while enjoying the taste of Café 73.


Then, we launched the second member of the Edmark Products the Splina Chlorophyll Soap presented by Ms. Maria Marcelo.  She discussed the benefits of Splina Chlorophyll Soap, from Chlorophyll Liquid now, comes into a bar of soap. Then, our very own managers, Mr. Jimmy Dinio, Ms. Lavidz Chua and Ms. Liberty Joy Mauricio shared their own experiences and to let them feel the soap we had hand washing of Splina Chlorophyll Soap and asked, how it feels? Some of them said that it smells good, mentholated and it easily softens the skin. Hence, our CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan shared his words of wisdom to inspire our distributors to passionately do the Edmark business seriously.


P4 Healthy & Slimming Program Testimony

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P4 Healthy & Slimming Program

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HQ Cubao “Instant Profit System Training” with Our Chairman Mr. Sam Low

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Edmark Philippines Cafe 73 and Splina Chlorophyll Soap Soft Launch- April 15, 2013

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“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results” — Tony Robbins

               Edmark HQ Cubao had the How to Get Started Seminar last April 5, 2014, Saturday. It started with an opening prayer led by DM Marlene Rosario followed by a high spirited dance energizer led by the marketing eagles. Our President Mr. Joey Urquia gave his opening remarks, and gave an overview. He then called our Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Lynden Valdez to give her inspirational message to all the attendees. She also introduced our speaker, no other than DCM Kenneth Lumapas, who came with his father, DCM Anacleto Lumapas. We were very lucky to have him as our speaker. All the attendees were very excited to learn the 4 Steps to Success.


He presented the module very well and with enthusiasm, all the attendees especially the newly signed ups listened to him attentively. On the Second Step of our 4 Steps to Success, DCM Kenneth asked the distributors to write down their prospects on the prospect list. He then asked them to familiarize themselves with the Script to Retailing to Customers, and instructed the participants to call on their prospects. They were very happy especially the first timers, because they were able to sell coffee even by just calling. He also taught the Script on Giving out Free Samples to the people you don’t know.


Some top leaders genuinely testified for the effectiveness of our 4 Steps to Success formula & scripts.  He then proceeded to teach steps 3 & 4. He gave emphasis on the importance of doing the step 3, which is to present 5 minimum 101 daily. He shared his experiences on how to approach & present to their prospects and how commitment for 18 months could really make them a Double Crown Manager and attain their financial freedom by just teaching, practicing and duplicating the 4 steps over again and again. All of the distributors were very inspired and motivated to do and duplicate our 4 Steps to Success. We ended up the seminar with a closing prayer and a very powerful Edmark dance.


Instant Profit System Training by Chairman Sam Low

  Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” –Arnold H. Glasgow

Edmark Phils. HQ-Cubao had the first “Instant Profit System Training” by our beloved Chairman Sam Low, last April 21, 2014. Despite of his busy schedule he took time to share this training to add knowledge to all Edmarkers. It started with the opening prayer led by CM Norberto De Castro followed by a very enthusiastic dance energizer by the Marketing Eagles. Welcome remarks by our Store Operations Manager MS. Liberty Joy Mauricio, who gave an inspirational message to the people who attended the said event.

Our dear Chairman even had a game (pass the message) for the distributors to understand if success is easy or not. It was pointed there; success is easy if you can make it simple, easy & duplicable. You do not have to make things complicated whenever you do your Edmark business. He also emphasized the importance of doing the 4 Steps to Success. He called CM Catalina Macaraeg was also known as “Queen of P4” in Batangas Franchise, for selling 50 sets of P4 Package in just one week, which made her to become a Crown Manager. After that, Emerald Manager Bing Goroy shared her feedback about the effectiveness of the Script by giving out free samples. She highlighted that Follow Up is always the key to get your prospects and business partners. Afterwards, Sir Sam showed us the video of the blind distributor, Mr. Jonathan Kayombo, who encouraged the distributors to have the commitment in doing Edmark business.

Sir Sam taught the distributors on how to have an instant sustainable profit. He emphasized that they should be a Business Club Owner, in which, they should have their own place, so that they will have a private place to meet with their business partner, and also he stressed the importance of it so that they can care more for their customers and that they can build leaders who are really committed to do the Edmark business. Thus, this can provide them a sustainable profit. The event ended by a pre-birthday celebration of our Chairman. Everyone was so happy while doing their Edmark business.