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HQ Cubao Upcoming Big events for the month of August

STP 2nd weigh in (cubao)

HQ Ilo-ilo Upcoming P4 2nd monthly weigh-in

2nd weigh-in (ilo-ilo)

Upcoming events of Edmark HQ Iligan

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Upcoming events of Cagayan de Oro


HQ Ozamiz Upcoming Big Event for the Month of July


HQ CUBAO Upcoming Big Events for the Month of July 2014

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Edmark HQ Cubao had its P4 Lose to Win: 30th Day 1st Weigh-in

By: Lady Gutierrez


“Winners are not those who never fail but those who never quit” –anonymous


Many of us were caught-up with so many fast foods, buffet and parties chances are were taking so many calories that becomes a fatty material specially when we’re not eating healthy foods and not doing some physical activities but not for our P4 contestants who accept the challenge to lose weight in 90 days.

Another remarkable event happened here in HQ Cubao, the First Weigh-In of P4 Lose to win 30th Day Challenge last Saturday July 12, 2014. It was attended by over 100 distributors and guests. Top leaders from different places were present on the said event. We started the event at exactly 2pm with an opening prayer led by SM Cyline Cabello followed by a Philippine National Anthem. After that an electrifying dance energizer coming from the marketing eagles together with the P4 contestants.

Our C.M.O Ms. Lynden Valdez welcomed all the attendees and congratulate all the contestants for joining the P4.  A special message was delivered by our C.E.O Engr. Ric Camaligan, by sharing how the company is moving around, how the organization is going to a much bigger operation and presented the upcoming Edmark products. Our Marketing Manager Ms. Lavidz Chua educate everyone that obesity is a disease and we are here to help them because we have great products that can fight obesity.

Marketing Manager Ms. Lavidz Chua

Marketing Manager Ms. Lavidz Chua

C.E.O. Engr. Ric Camaligan

C.E.O. Engr. Ric Camaligan

C.M.O Ms. Lynden Valdez

C.M.O Ms. Lynden Valdez
















Events Manger Mr. Anthony Yrenaya discussed the mechanics of the contest it tells how the program can help them to lose weight in a short period of time wherein exciting prizes will be given away once they achieved their target weight. A sizzling production number coming from the P4 Contestant makes the crowd going wild. A loud cheer from friends and families shows their untiring support.

Events Manager Mr. Anthony Yrenaya

Events Manager Mr. Anthony Yrenaya

P4 Winners

P4 Winners

















The awaited part of the event the weighing of the P4 contestants. Everybody was so nervous and excited to see the result of those contestants who got high percentage of losing weight. As the program goes, five of the contenders got the P4 Package, which means they lose 30% of their excess fat. Four contenders got 1 box of MRT for losing excess fat of 20-29%, one contender got 1 box of shake off and the other one is 1 box of Splina Chlorophyll wherein the lose 15-19% of their excess fat, four contenders got Ginseng Coffee and Red Yeast Coffee which they lose 10-14% of their excess fat and 2 contenders got 1 box Red Yeast Coffee with 5-9% excess fat. Announcement of big event take place then closing remarks by our President Mr. Joey Urquia, he congratulate all the contestants who won the contest and motivate to lose more weight and meet their target weight, we ended up with a prayer. A million thanks to our Almighty God for making this event possible, to the MANCOM Team and staffs for their untiring support. Thank you and Feel good now!

HQ-Cubao’s Goals Setting Seminar


In God’s grace, another memorable Goals Setting Seminar happened here in HQ Cubao last June 26, 2014. It was attended by more than 80 Edmarkers including some of out top leaders.  The marketing eagles led a very powerful dance energizer. Customer Relations Manager Ms. Lavidz Chua welcomed everyone who attended this spectacular event.


This event was really special because of the high caliber of speakers. The first speaker was SCM Rolly Marqueses who first briefed everyone what Goals Setting is all about. He said that goals setting is not just about setting goals or planning but it is more of producing a habit or a skill. It is not just about setting goals but a skill. He proceeded to discuss the first module which is Edmark University of Success. He shared that according to Winston Churchill, the first duty of a university is to teach wisdom and character not technicalities. And Edmark Education trains us to succeed in life. The next two modules were discussed by our EES Trainer of the Year 2013 Crown Manager Mark Lemuel Cena. He started discussing the second module: How to become a Highly and Effective and Independent Individual/Distributor. He stimulated the attendees first by explaining the Law of Expectation where what you expect is what you’ll get. So, if they expect that this will be the usual GSS then that’s what they will get. But if they will expect so much more, they’ll get so much more from this. He shared that formal education will give you a job but self-education will give you a fortune. If we will not change, we will be extinct like the dinosaurs. He even quoted Ptr. Knaff, “only the learners will inherit the future” which means that those people never stops learning. And to become a highly and effective and independent individual, they should work it out. After that he explained the third module entitled How to become a highly effective and strong individual which supported the second module. We now advanced to the next modules discussed by our EES Trainer of the Year 2012 Crown Manager Liza Ababa. She expounded the importance of equipping oneself with tools and maximizing their use. She also shared how essential it is to attend seminars in Edmark business. Those tools came because of certain experiences of the people before us and now those tools are made ready for us and we just need to use them for our own success. The last speaker of this seminar was the first ever Double Crown Manager in Edmark history, Double Crown Manager Anafo Trinidad. He discussed the modules “Self Talk Autosuggestion” and “The Power of Dream Building” he delivered these modules clear and very powerful. He empowered the attendees by the power of visualizing of their dreams that made the attendees very emotional. While doing the self-talk autosuggestion, they felt the power of setting goals are really important to every individual.

















Ms.Meimilim Budayao, Mr. Natalio Etac and Mr. Eleazar Fresno shared their testimonies of what they’ve learned on the seminar and how it will help them in doing their Edmark business. Our Operations Manager Mr. Jimmy Dinio awarded the certificate of appreciation to our four dynamic speakers for the job well done.


It was indeed a very successful event that made everyone inspired and motivated to do their Edmark business and be one of our Crown Managers someday. Like what Oprah Winfrey said,”if you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit.”

HQ Alabang had its First Ever Mentoring Leadership Training and Train the Trainor Seminar

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” ~ John C. Maxwell


An amazing event happened here in HQ Alabang! We had our very first Mentoring Leadership Training & Train the Trainor (MLT/TNT) in Alabang. We were so lucky & privileged to have the Most Outstanding EES Trainer of the Year 2013, CM Lemuel Cena, together with one of the most dynamic and outstanding speakers, RM Xyris Beatingo.


Ruby Manager Xyris Beatingo


Crown Manager Lemuel Cena


Group Discussion










First, we had a very solemn prayer led by Mr. Marlon Lapid, followed by a very energetic and ground breaking dance energizer. After that, we started the 1st & 2nd module, which was discussed by RM Xyris Beatingo. He tackled how to effectively build the Edmark business, and the importance of continuously attending the EES cycle. Everyone participated on the small dynamics activity wherein they also shared their ideas and experiences. For the 3rd & 4th module, it was powerfully discussed by CM Lemuel Cena. He emphasized the importance of having a weekly tactical meeting & how to find right partners in the business. He also shared his experiences in Edmark business which really touched the hearts of the attendees. It was a great feeling hearing the personal experience of one of the great leaders in Edmark and how dedicated they are in doing their business.




Another set of learnings & motivations were given as RM Xyris Beatingo tackled the 1st & 2nd module of Train the Trainer (TNT). This time everyone clearly understood what network marketing is all about and how to efficiently sell products. Andfor the 3rd & 4th module, our very outstanding CM Lemuel Cena discussed the different kinds of motivations to keep the distributors do their Edmark business. He also emphasized how mentoring can help their business grow. He ended the seminar saying, “We need leaders, mentors & coaches to make our business work.”





Edmark Philippines HQ Cubao P4 Program “Lose to Win” Launching- June 7, 2014

by: Archie Villasor

“Every weight loss program, no matter how positively it’s packaged, whispers to you that you’re not right. You’re not good enough. You’re unacceptable and you need to be fixed”. If you keep on eating unhealthy food, no matter how many weight loss tips you follow, you are likely to gain weight and become obese. That is why Edmark came up with this very effective P4 Program;it is a step by step procedure that can make each one of us to reduce excess weight and meet our ideal weight in a healthier way.

HQ Cubao had a successful P4 “Lose to Win” grand launching last June 7, 2014. It started with the Philippine National Anthem and an opening prayer led by our Operations Manager Mr. Jimmy Diñio. A sweat-pouring dance energizer headed by the marketing eagles followed. Our beloved CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan welcomed and acknowleged everyone’s presence during the event. We had over 200 attendees who supported the event. Next was the special message from our dearest Chairman Mr. Sam Low. He showed a video titled “Who moved my Cheese?” which opened our minds to the changes that we will go through.


Our Chairman Mr. Sam Low


Our CEO Engr. Ric Camaligan


P4 Ambassador Mr. Andrew Griffiths















We are so lucky to have a special guest all the way from Durban, South Africa Mr. Andrew Griffiths. He shared his great story before and after he had undergone the P4 Program and on How Edmark changed his life. Afterwards, our Marketing Manager Mr. Matthew Fabian explained the Lose to Win mechanics for those who are interested to join, followed by a very energetic production number of the marketing eagles. Events Manager Anthony Yrenaya called all our 47 Lose to Win contestant who are looking forward to lose and meet their desired weight within 90 days. They are also the people who believed that losing weight without heavy exercise, no surgeries and 100% safe Edmark products will be effective.



Events Manager Anthony Yrenaya


Marketing Manager Matthew Fabian


The P4 Contenders














Day after day, countless people across the globe get on a scale in search of validation of beauty and social acceptance. Health is just like your capacity for life, happiness and success. All are thankful and excited to be fit and healthy.